Shuttering of the 2.0 host compatibility repository

Not long ago, we started a new project to gather information about the PHP versions that various web hosts support. The aim of this project was to gather a list of web hosting companies who would be able to host the upcoming MyBB 2.0 release.

Since starting that project, we have received several contributions. However, we’ve also since changed the PHP version requirements that we will require for 2.0. As such, we are closing the mybb/2.0-Hosts repository and instead asking that users please make use of the PHP Versions website to track the PHP versions on offer at different hosts. This website operates in a similar way to the old MyBB project, but is much more widely used and already contains information for lots of different hosts. For more information on contribution to the PHP Versions website, please see the contributing guide.

5 thoughts on “Shuttering of the 2.0 host compatibility repository

    • Hi,

      I doubt we’ll be going that way in 2.0, though plugins may be able to using route groups. There are a lot of security considerations to take into account with multi-site hosting.

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