Open MyBB Team Positions

Greetings all,

We currently have a few open positions on the MyBB Team for support and development roles. If you’re interested in becoming a part of one of the most powerful, free forum applications available today, we’re interested in hearing from you.

Current vacancies are as follows:

  • Development Team Positions
    We’re looking for people with a strong background in web development with PHP and MySQL as well as a solid understanding of how MyBB operates in both code and functionality to become an active particpiant in our development team, preferably having released MyBB plugins or modifications at some stage. Knowledge of other database management systems such as PostgreSQL and SQLite is also highly favourable. You must be able to work well with a team and work under project management.

    Your primary position will be working with myself and the other developers to bring new releases of MyBB out.

  • Support Team Positions
    We’re looking for people who are dedicated to MyBB and have a solid understanding of the functionality of MyBB and have experience in managing a forum themself, an understanding of PHP and MySQL is not required however may be beneficial. You must be able to work well with other team members. You must be able to communicate clearly and correct in English.

    All we ask of you is that you’re an active participant in both supporting other users with MyBB and can do so in a professional manner.

Please note that all positions are on a volunteer basis, you’re under no obligation to stay with the MyBB Group if you have other commitments that need attending.


All applications and requests can be submitted through the following form on the MyBB website:

Please include the position you’re applying for, background information on yourself, information on your knowledge of MyBB, PHP & MySQL experience if necessary and any other information you wish to include.

If you don’t receive a reply, no – we haven’t forgotten about you, it’s just that there are usually too many applications to individually reply to each one. Private messages containing applications/team position queries will be ignored.

Note that existing and active community members will be given preferential treatment for these positions due to their existing dedication to the MyBB project.

Thank you,
MyBB Group

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