Getting Involved: Development site opens

For the past seven years, MyBB has had an ever-growing and changing community, and through it all the “MyBB Group” itself is still a small set of dedicated individuals. Up until now MyBB has been developed in a relatively private fashion.  Recently, it seems as the tides have turned; we have realized that you want more: you want the cutting edge, you want to be more a part of the “Real MyBB”, and you want the best free forum software that free can buy. We’ve listened to your advice, and we are now pleased to announce the availability of public access to our development site, including access to the latest and greatest cutting edge MyBB!

What does this mean for you?

With the community more closely involved with MyBB’s development, we will be able to ensure releases are more stable and you will be able to get access to the latest bug fixes and features. We hope that by making our development site available and open to the public that more people will take an interest in MyBB and get involved!

How exactly do you get access?

The link to the development site is This will give you direct access to our MyBB 1.4 repository, MyBB 1.6 repository including all the latest features and fixes. This will also be where you report bugs with MyBB and its related projects. We have generated detailed information on our Wiki’s revamped Development section: The Development section will be the best place to ask your questions and concerns regarding the site, SVN access, coding standards, and other procedures.

Please note that the MyBB group officially supports only the latest release series, as of writing, MyBB 1.4.x.  Although you have access to the latest MyBB 1.6.x code, there may be partially-committed features which are broken.  We do not recommend using the development “trunk” on production forums, and they will NOT be supported by the support staff here.

27 thoughts on “Getting Involved: Development site opens

  1. I am glad to hear this. When I switched over to MyBB this was the one thing that I hesitated with. Good job.

  2. It’s the trunk folder of the MyBB repository.

    Remember that neither the 1.4.x or 1.6 code should be used on a live site and there’ll be no support for it.

  3. /trunk/ folder will always be the latest development code. /branches/ contain the previous releases (up to the oldest release that we still provide security fixes for).

  4. This is great .. finally standards to follow for plugin development

    btw is offering 1.6 code so openly such a good idea…you can rest assured that people using the code will soon be requesting support

    cool move imho

  5. We only support the latest stable version released on the official MyBB site. We will not support any usage of code found in the SVN. Basically, use at your own risk!

  6. by cool move i meant that the offering of codes, standards for developing standards etc was cool

    i didn’t mean the support offered would be cool

    i just meant that people are SURE to try out the new code … run into errors and then post

    …Blah blah …tried this …ruined my board please help …

    you can say all you want but sooner or later it may start

    again i love that MyBB has moved towards this

    sorry for the misunderstanding

  7. Great news you guys.
    I was just wondering studying the 1.6 source code and looking at the bugs reporting. Where should I report inconsistency/bugs in the trunk code?
    I know it’s unfinished and all but it would be great to be able to help out when I can.

  8. @Martin – If the feature is “closed” then that means it’s been through SQA testing and you can file all the bug reports you want on it 🙂 If it however is not finished or just marked as resolved that means its either still in development or not been tested by SQA and we would appreciate it if you didn’t report any issues on those types of things.

    Thank you!

  9. Finally, a source for all to observe, contribute and enhance for the community. I thank you all for your great efforts. This rounds out all the aspirations I had for MyBB. Congrats. I was actually able to resolve several bugs within the stable branch and use and deploy into my own site from svn.

  10. I dont get it.
    How do we use the codes :s

    I can only find the codes for 1.4.9 server statics on install thing :s

  11. I honestly can’t believe this, MyBB has gone the way of projects like Joomla! and phpBB, code-wise. This is epic. I’ll still wait for a stable or beta version that I can test. (I couldn’t test 1.4 becuase I was moving at the time and lost all inet access.)

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