Updated Subversion Access Details

As part of our recent (and emergency) server migration, we’ve just finished restructuring our development server (that hosts the MyBB Development Portal and Subversion repositories). As a result, if you’re checking out and working with our Subversion repositories, please be aware that the URLs for doing so have changed.

The new official Subversion repositories are as follows:

If you’ve already checked out a copy of MyBB using Subversion, you can switch your local copy to the new URL using the following command:
svn switch --relocate http://dev.mybboard.net/svn/mybb/ http://svn.mybboard.net/mybb

Please note that the old Subversion URLs will continue to work for the majority of users the time being. However, if you’re running Mac OS X, you’ll need to switch to the new URLs due to a bug with the Subversion client that ships with Mac OS X.

5 thoughts on “Updated Subversion Access Details

  1. Subversion client that ships with Mac OS X??? i have been using rapidsvn. how do i find the one that comes with OS X?

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