MyBB 1.4 end of life announcement.

MyBB 1.4 end of life

MyBB 1.6 was released almost 8 months ago and since then has proven to be stable and secure. Therefore we will be concluding maintenance and support for the MyBB 1.4 series, and we encourage everyone who has not already done so to upgrade to MyBB 1.6 as soon as possible.

The end of life date for MyBB 1.4 will be the 1st of July, 2011.

After this date:

  • We will not be offering official support for MyBB 1.4
  • There will be no further maintenance or security releases for the 1.4 series
  • The 1.4 support forums will be closed and archived

If you require information on how to upgrade please consult our upgrade instructions, if you need further support please visit the support forums.

10 thoughts on “MyBB 1.4 end of life announcement.

  1. OK!
    1.6 is a good version and we use it.
    We will wait for releasing mybb 2.0
    Good Luck MyBB Group!

    MyBB is the best forum software and we use always.

  2. It seems sad that the first version of MyBB I ever used is now being put to bed but we should always look to the future! MyBB 2.0 anyone?

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