MyBB 1.6.4 Update

Note: you only need to read this if you upgraded to 1.6.4 before this blog post was made. If you have not upgraded yet, you will need this:

A few days ago, we released MyBB 1.6.4 – a feature update, maintenance and security release. We’ve noticed one or two problems with this, so we’ve decided to give out an immediate update.

There is no security threat to 1.6.4 – this update fixes a problem with quote tags, split posts and an issue with two templates. To apply this update, please follow these instructions:

  • As usual, backup your forum’s database and files, and switch off your forum’s front end. You may want to follow the Wiki Upgrading Procedure.
  • Download the 1.6.4 Update Files and upload them to your forum – overwriting the existing ones.
  • Delete ./install/lock and visit the upgrader – normally found at yourforum/install/upgrade.php and run the upgrader again. Choose 1.6.3 from the list of versions.

The above process won’t cause any problems with your forum – it merely updates the default templates again to 1.6.4’s versions and adds a database column missing from the original update.

You also need to check two templates – online_today and member_profile_adminoptions. Please see the attached patch file and make the changes where necessary in each of the themes you have installed.

These changes have already been made to the main download of 1.6.4 – so it you’re still waiting to upgrade, now is the time to do it!

Many apologies for the less-than-perfect quality – we’re updating our release procedures so that hopefully in the future we won’t have these problems again.

Thanks you,
MyBB Team

15 thoughts on “MyBB 1.6.4 Update

  1. i has downloaded mybb 1.6.4 yesterday. is this update here include or must i update again?

    im a little bit confused, because i edited the two templets with this changes.

  2. Great update, thanks mybb Staff… my forum is very fast comparing to early releases

  3. i don’t understand how can i upgrade this when i try to upgrade it’s show version 1.6.2 to 1.6.3.

    what’s the problem


  4. I’ve updated with the changed files and running the upgrade.php
    Upgrader says it succesfully upgraded but mybb keeps saying i am running version 1.6.3 and i need to update.

  5. Oops i see this isn’t a upgrade package but an upgrade to the normal upgrade package…

    I downloaded the full install and replaced all files and ran upgrade.php and im full updated now!

  6. @thibo As you’ve given no details as to what’s actually happened I’m not sure what you expect us to tell you. Make a support thread.

    @monirul This package was not the full upgrade. Read this:

    @mahabub This package was not the full upgrade. Read this:

    @ali This package was not the full upgrade. Read this:

    @Leroy Either you’ve just used this small update and not the full package or you’ve not uploaded the new files properly, make a support thread.

  7. I will install MyBB 1.6.4 for the first time(not reayy but in the host) after installing, do I need to do this update? sorry bu1t I’m a bit confuse.

  8. @ zZJoennZz No, this was a patch for the upgrade, obviously if it’s a fresh install you wouldn’t then have to do this too, the full package has the amended code in it.

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