Using Pirated Mods

Recently we have been made aware of several MyBB plugins circulating around the internet, in particular pirated mods, which are specifically designed to cause malicious harm to their users. One specific example which has come to our attention attempts to delete all the records from your database, and delete your MyBB files. This would obviously have a devastating impact on anyone who happened to install this plugin.

We’d like to remind users of the immense power plugins have which, when used incorrectly, could pose security implications for your forum.  Theme files also can contain backdoor PHP scripts which can grant access to your server.  Therefore, great care should be taken both in terms of which plugins are installed and where the modifications were obtained from. Specifically, nulled or pirated mods pose the biggest threat of all given that the origin of the file is unknown and any sharer could have inserted malicious code.

Even when downloading mods directly from the author we recommend thoroughly researching both the plugin/theme and the author to establish that they are reputable and have a good standing with their customers and users.

If you have any further questions, concerns or examples please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Private Inquiries forum.

Regards, The MyBB Team.

10 thoughts on “Using Pirated Mods

    • @Mohammad – They either haven’t been approved yet, they’ve been removed by the original author, or we’ve removed them due to copyright/malicious issues. In the last case we’d usually leave a note in the thread as to why the download was removed.

  1. Just read this, i have always been cautious.
    Regarding pirated mods, should we trust other sites that provide plugins and themes for some charges ?
    I already paid some on those sites

    • “Regarding pirated mods, should we trust other sites that provide plugins and themes for some charges ?”

      You should always be cautious, but that does not mean that all subscription based plugin websites distribute malware in their releases. It’s very rare that someone would risk their business to distribute malware.

  2. Are all mods which are available on MyBB site safe or do I need to check myself about their security? I am a novice so not even sure how can I check that.

  3. I don’t understand why thereare people looking for pirated stuff. It always causes a problem. Besides with all the free information, themes, plugins that are here on the best free source message board why would anyone want to do that? Guess I am old school. LOL

  4. If people put their mind to it they could create that same plugin that costs for free on their forum.

    Or if they know the right people they can get a plugin made for them for free.

    There should be no reason why someone needs to check warez, pirated etc. Especially when the MyBB plugins site has almost everything. If it doesn’t there is bound to be a developer that has made something similar for free legally.

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