MyBB 1.8 Beta 1 Released

That’s right. After a long time of waiting we’re getting near a 1.8 stable release. Today it’s with great pleasure that we’re releasing the first beta version of MyBB 1.8. NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT READY TO BE USED ON A LIVE WEBSITE.

For some of you this may not mean much, for some others this may mean a lot. Quite a few things have been greatly enhanced and some important features have been added in this release.


Color legend:

  • Dark Blue – Small (new) feature/change
  • Light Blue – Enhancement
  • Orange – New Feature


We’re not mentioning bug fixes below (the same bug fixes applied to the 1.6 branch are also applied to 1.8 as of now and the bugs for 1.8 only are not mentioned as that would only be important if 1.8 was already stable.), only small feature changes, enhancements and entirely new features.



  • New theme#561
  • AdminCP PIN#38
  • Improved Newsfeed#562
  • Replace CodePress with CodeMirror#37
  • Stylesheet Display order#562
  • Inactive/active Plugin list#573
  • Ability to create own template groups#588
  • Added Enabled/Disabled indicators to Promotions and MyCodes#457
  • Template groups updates#452
  • Disable Attachments Globally#495
  • ACP Banning Improvements#554
  • Selectable areas for group/forum settings.#428
  • Warning for marked vulnerable plugins.#0147b08


  • New Theme – #571
    • CSS buttons, PNG images, Sprite images, Fugue icons#571
    • Attachable base colors for themes#580
    • Relative Time#558
    • Prototype to jQuery Conversion (yay!)#251
    • Attachment Types Name#442
    • CSS Minification#564
  • Add ltrim() to search users input#590
  • Change trim() in templates to rtrim()#584
  • A tool to rebuild reputation#591
  • Contact Page#592
  • Ability to delete default help topics#589
  • If user is invisible & permissions disallow, hide all public data#593
  • Post reputation should include thread subject#594
  • Remove Gallery; Integrate Gravatar#582 #586
  • Delete post on full edit should not show if no permission to delete#595
  • Add option to stick/unstick to custom tools#435
  • PM thread author in custom tools for threads#581
  • Users cannot rate their own posts#570
  • format_avatar() function#569
  • Whitelist of avatar upload extensions#568
  • Preview announcements#567
  • Minimum post length to exclude MyCode#566
  • IPv6 features#565
  • APC cache handler#574
  • $cache->delete method#575
  • is_member() function#576
  • delete_user() function#408
  • IP addresses in PMs#563
  • Don’t ask for validation if validation is disabled#577
  • Slow reply posting in long threads#578
  • Soft Delete#560
  • Login Datahandler#572
  • Add theme selector to footer#496
  • Forum redirect icon#453
  • Permission to reply to own threads#409
  • ModCP banned users list descending by default#138
  • Quick Reply PM#437
  • Poll Updates (Add poll link to thread page; limit of time before a thraed author can no longer add a poll)#456
  • Update contact fields#455
  • Are You a Human CAPTCHA#443
  • Report Center #556
  • More Hooks#555
  • Ability to sort Private Messages in inbox and other folders#70
  • Recount Warning Points#85
  • Warning points as a Group Promotion criteria#88
  • Registration date and last active time as mass mail criteria#100
  • Display profile fields on posts #133
  • Add “Display posts in classic mode” option when editing user in Admin CP#107
  • Move Edit Time Limit and Max Post Per Day to group settings#114
  • Recount Private Messages#132
  • Hide members from the Member List#142
  • Force redirect page#550
  • Searching plugins will highlight vulnerable ones (requires new Mods site)Commit Link




The download can be found here.


You are NOT supposed to upgrade any 1.6 boards to 1.8 Beta 1 hence why we do not provide upgrading instructions. This is because you will not be able to upgrade from any of the Betas to 1.8.


Bug Reports

Found a bug? (or perhaps a few more…) Please post your detailed bug report in the 1.8 Bug Reports forum. Please always double-check if the issue hasn’t been reported already.


Themes and Plugins Assistance

If you have any development questions about possible issues you may have while upgrading your themes or your plugins – or issues you may actually be having – please post in this forum.


What’s next?

We’re going to continue working hard on Beta 2 and start preparing 2.0 development so we can start working on it as soon as MyBB 1.8 hits stable this Summer. If you want to help us out and become a Contributor, make sure to read this blog post. If you’d rather join the team, feel free to contact through Private Inquires.


Best Regards,
The MyBB Group

34 thoughts on “MyBB 1.8 Beta 1 Released

    • Yes, I’m very relieved that it’s finished. I was starting to have dreams with JavaScript.

  1. Well-done guys! Your passion to this project is highly appreciated. I hope you will continue to this project with some pace!

    Thanks again!

  2. Can add this ability search on Reputation Report ?
    search username reputed me or not.


  3. Finally Beta 1 came out. I’ve been waiting for so much time but now here it is!
    I will now install it on my test website and I will let you know if there are bugs or new features to add!

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  6. Thanks for your hard work some people like me really apreciate all your job and right now i want to test it, but only have to do in localhost till now, because i don’t want to put on risk my forum, but no matter i really do it when i can, because risk is so hot xD.

    No matter what happen i upload and test because i want to work with my plugins and more things, and firts i test on local and when i fix all posible functionabillities i upgrade 😀 no matter what happens i love hard risks xD.

  7. Is there an option of having enclosures in private messages?
    If not, can it be added?
    If it is, can you give me instructions where I can find it?

  8. Remove Gallery; Integrate Gravatar – #582 #586

    Does this mean it will no longer be possible to make avatar galleries for users to select from?

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