MyBB 1.8 Beta 2 Released

It’s been precisely one month since we released the first Beta version of MyBB 1.8 – I’m sure quite a few of you didn’t think we’d release another Beta version one month later, but we did it. NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT READY TO BE USED ON A LIVE WEBSITE.

According to our plans there will be only one more Beta version (3rd) after this one – after that we’ll hit Gold/Stable. You can see the currently open issues for Beta 3 here.

Color legend:

  • Dark Blue – Small (new) feature/change
  • Light Blue – Enhancement
  • Orange – New Feature


We’re not mentioning bug fixes below (the same bug fixes applied to the 1.6 branch are also applied to 1.8 as of now and the bugs for 1.8 only are not mentioned as that would only be important if 1.8 was already stable.), only small feature changes, enhancements and entirely new features.

Some of the enhancements mentioned below are related to the previous Beta version (1st) of 1.8 and they should appear as one only in the final list of enhancements for MyBB 1.8.



  • ACP shouldn’t reset $mybb->input#754
  • Admin CP language#690
  • Disable Default MyCodes#686
  • ACP Banning Improvements v2#628
  • More recount tools#494


  • Update $groupzerogreater array#809
  • CDN Compatbility #776
  • Goodbye Spammer #775
  • Add Time Zones#764
  • Thread Count#761
  • Buddy System Enhancements#757
  • Remove Hardcoded HTML#756
  • Database optimization#738
  • Contact Page Improvements#715
  • Overqualified Selectors#700
  • Subscription PM notification option#689
  • Expand Forum Moderator permissions#688
  • Add profile fields on registration#687
  • Admin and Email activation option#685
  • Publicly shown poll end date#587
  • CAPTCHA Improvements#557
  • Search Help Files#497
  • Invite-only joinable groups#493
  • Maximum Nested Quote Tags for PMs#492
  • Hide stuff users don’t have permission to use#454
  • Edit Reason#451
  • Add to mycode#450
  • User option to disable images/videos#449
  • Moderation Tools Improvements#435
  • Forum Statistics Improvements#434
  • Profile Fields Enhancements#433
  • Using update_query with BIT(1) fields#360




The download can be found here.



You are NOT supposed to upgrade any 1.6 boards to 1.8 Beta 2 hence why we do not provide upgrading instructions. This is because you will not be able to upgrade from any of the Betas to 1.8 AND because the upgrader is not working yet (right…so you try it and it won’t work anyway and you will definitely break your board. So DON’T DO IT!).


Bug Reports

Found a bug? (or perhaps a few more…) Please post your detailed bug report in the 1.8 Bug Reports forum.

Please always double-check if the issue hasn’t been reported already.


Themes and Plugins Assistance

If you have any development questions about possible issues you may have while upgrading your themes or your plugins – or issues you may actually be having – please post in this forum.


What’s next?

Work will now be moved to Beta 3 so we can release 1.8 gold/stable this summer as planned. Meanwhile, 2.0 development meetings have started so we can start working on 2.0 full time as soon as 1.8 hits stable.



If you want to help us out and become a Contributor, be sure to read this blog post. If you’d rather join the team, feel free to contact us through Private Inquires.


Best Regards,
The MyBB Group

14 thoughts on “MyBB 1.8 Beta 2 Released

  1. Looks good, thanks for the release.
    FYI: The dark blue and light colours are switched in the legend. 😉

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  3. I really like Beta2, I hope Beta3 will come out at the end of the month or even before than that.
    My hidden dream now is to see golden release at the end of the Summer!

    I’d like to upgrade my website as soon as possible and use latest tech for MyBB!

  4. Well I have beta 1 on product server,yes it is new forum(support forum for my clients) without many posts and threads yet but since now it is working great.

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