MyBB 1.8 Beta 3 Released

Guess what? The 3rd and last Beta version of MyBB 1.8 is out! After this version (unless something very bad or unexpected happens), we’re rolling out 1.8.0 Stable/Gold for all of you. We need your help testing Beta 3 though so we can release 1.8.0 as stable as possible.


You can see the currently open issues for Gold here.

Color legend:

  • Dark Blue – Small (new) feature/change
  • Light Blue – Enhancement
  • Orange – New Feature


We’re not mentioning bug fixes below (the same bug fixes applied to the 1.6 branch are also applied to 1.8 as of now and the bugs for 1.8 only are not mentioned as that would only be important if 1.8 was already stable.), only small feature changes, enhancements and entirely new features.

Some of the enhancements mentioned below are related to the previous Beta versions (1st and 2nd) of 1.8 and they should appear as one only in the final list of enhancements for MyBB 1.8.


AdminCP and Front-end

  • Remove PHP Closing tags #979
  • Performance improvement: intval to (int) conversion #491
  • Update 3rd part libraries #957
  • Warnings class/datahandler #922
  • Hide signtature of users to certain groups #949
  • Hide website links/buttons from certain groups #922
  • Add more hooks v2 #882
  • Allow custom flash messages #881
  • Allow website field for certain groups only #808


  • Option to disable contact details #900
  • Log all ‘locked out’ failures in ACP #859
  • Add reported posts stats to ACP #858
  • Delayed moderation improvements #440
  • New Promotion rules #429


  • Overqualified selectors v2 #976
  • inline_moderation.js friendly to table-less themes #915
  • Memberlist sorting #914
  • Force Login #906
  • Add class to smilies #905
  • AJAX for security questions #894
  • Add get_user_by_username() helper function #893
  • find_replace_templates() accepts SID #889
  • $this->options in class_parser.php #880
  • Add class to announcements #879
  • Make forum friendly to outside pages #878
  • Change showthread.php icons to sprite #877
  • Add rebuild settings to cache tools #875
  • Add email description editing to editor #869
  • Add video sites to editor #862
  • Check new members against StopForumSpam #860
  • Jump to Page in pagination #857
  • send_pm() should consider users’ language #834
  • Forum statistics improvements #824
  • Image re-scaling and long words/text wrapping CSS/HTML changes #816
  • Moderate Groups #439
  • Portal Improvements #436
  • Moderation Notifications #430
  • Thread Prefix system improvements #427
  • Ability to Stop tracking all messages #364
  • Settings description on installation #197




The download can be found here.



You are NOT supposed to upgrade any 1.6 boards to 1.8 Beta 3 hence why we do not provide upgrading instructions. This is because you will not be able to upgrade from any of the Betas to 1.8. While we’ve done some work on the upgrader to guarantee that users no longer experience errors, this hasn’t been tested thoroughly. This is our number one priority in the next development phase.


Bug Reports

Found a bug? (or perhaps a few more…) Please post your detailed bug report in the 1.8 Bug Reports forum.

Please always double-check if the issue hasn’t been reported already.


Themes and Plugins Assistance

If you have any development questions about possible issues you may have while upgrading your themes or your plugins – or issues you may actually be having – please post in this forum.



We’d like to thank the following contributors, they have been exceptional during the 1.8 development:

They have created many Pull Requests, they helped us out solving bugs and finishing features and took part in many discussions on GitHub. MyBB is no longer a product developed by the team only, but by the community as well.

If you want to help us out and become a Contributor, be sure to read this blog post. If you’d rather join the team, feel free to contact us through Private Inquires.


Best Regards,
The MyBB Group

11 thoughts on “MyBB 1.8 Beta 3 Released

  1. Congratulations.

    I was watching github the entire time trying to estimate a release date for this beta. 🙂 I am very excited for 1.8 and I can’t wait to use the gold version. Good luck! 🙂

  2. I enjoyed watching Pirata do his best to make sure everyone got their stuff in on Sunday. It seemed like he was almost going insane commenting on issues to get them moving. Of course, not quite everything was done until Monday though anyway. 😛 Lots of fun guys. Keep up the good work.

  3. jeaaay thats quick. Looking forward to give my forummembers a newer and better forum version. And work smoother with jQuery.

  4. Can’t wait .. I have been using mybb for what seems like forever and grew with each new version. Since this will more than likely be my last forum, I am anxious to discover the long awaited 1.8 stable version

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  6. Some of the new features are pretty cool. I’ve been using the SFS plugin for a while now and I’m glad to see that it has finally been made a core feature of MyBB.

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