MyBB 1.8 Released

It is with the highest honor that we release MyBB 1.8 Gold to the general public.

Our team, and you the community, have been on a fantastic journey since that April Fools day in 2012 when MyBB 1.8 development was first announced to the public. Now here we are, 2 years and 5 months on, proudly showing you our completed product. It may have taken longer than first anticipated but we are sure you’re going to love what has been produced at the end of the line.

As said in the initial announcement of 1.8, it is the bridge to MyBB 2.0; this has not changed. Because now, hidden away in our lair, we’ve been drawing up plans and discussing the development of 2.0. These discussions and plans are to be put into action now so the development of 2.0 is really getting going.

As you may have noticed the new MyBB website and documentation have been launched. This new design is courtesy of Justin S, our lead designer, which we’re very proud of. Unfortunately the new documentation for 1.8 is a bit threadbare, however most of the 1.6 Docs still apply to 1.8; so while we’re working on the new documentation you can continue to use the 1.6 Docs.


You can find the download link here (MD5: a36ab62236a24caeb827b769bf493f26). If you’re upgrading, make sure to backup your database and files first.

Updating from previous versions

Be warned that with the following release:

  • Despite our attempts to keep theme changes to a minimum there are still several changes to templates which will need to be addressed by you upon upgrading to 1.8. You’ll need to run the “Find Updated Templates” tool in the Templates & Style section of your Admin CP to update templates to be 1.8 compatible. This can be found Admin CP -> Templates & Style -> Templates -> Find Updated Templates.
  • Most plugins and code modifications will need to be updated to work with MyBB 1.8. Make sure you disable your plugins before upgrading and make sure updated copies compatible with MyBB 1.8 are available.
  • Custom language packs from earlier versions will also need to be updated.

Before you attempt to upgrade, ensure you have a database backup and a copy of the files currently in use on your board. This is so you can revert back to your earlier version if you need to or something goes horribly wrong with the upgrade process.

This is a moderately long upgrade process. Please make sure you don’t refresh pages whilst they’re loading, and don’t click the “Next” button more than once (if you don’t have JavaScript enabled). You should plan your upgrade before attempting to perform it.

Follow the general Upgrading guide outlined on the MyBB Documentation to complete the upgrade process.


Color legend:

  • Dark Blue – Small (new) feature/change
  • Light Blue – Enhancement
  • Orange – New Feature

Admin CP & Front-End

  • Remove PHP Closing tags #979
  • Performance improvement: intval to (int) conversion #491
  • Update 3rd part libraries #957
  • Warnings class/datahandler #922
  • Hide signtature of users to certain groups #949
  • Hide website links/buttons from certain groups #922
  • Add more hooks – #555 #882
  • Allow custom flash messages #881
  • Allow website field for certain groups only #808

Admin CP

  • New theme#561
  • AdminCP PIN#38
  • Improved Newsfeed#562
  • Replace CodePress with CodeMirror#37
  • Stylesheet Display order#562
  • Inactive/active Plugin list#573
  • Ability to create own template groups#588
  • Added Enabled/Disabled indicators to Promotions and MyCodes#457
  • Template groups updates#452
  • Disable Attachments Globally#495
  • ACP Banning Improvements – #628 #554
  • Selectable areas for group/forum settings.#428
  • Warning for marked vulnerable plugins.#0147b08
  • ACP shouldn’t reset $mybb->input#754
  • Admin CP language#690
  • Disable Default MyCodes#686
  • More recount tools#494
  • Option to disable contact details #900
  • Log all ‘locked out’ failures in ACP #859
  • Add reported posts stats to ACP #858
  • Delayed moderation improvements #440
  • New Promotion rules #429


  • New Theme – #571
    • CSS buttons, PNG images, Sprite images, Fugue icons#571
    • Attachable base colors for themes#580
    • Relative Time#558
    • Prototype to jQuery Conversion (yay!)#251
    • Attachment Types Name#442
    • CSS Minification#564
  • Add ltrim() to search users input#590
  • Change trim() in templates to rtrim()#584
  • A tool to rebuild reputation#591
  • Contact Page#592 #715
  • Ability to delete default help topics#589
  • If user is invisible & permissions disallow, hide all public data#593
  • Post reputation should include thread subject#594
  • Remove Gallery; Integrate Gravatar#582 #586
  • Delete post on full edit should not show if no permission to delete#595
  • Add option to stick/unstick to custom tools#435
  • PM thread author in custom tools for threads#581
  • Users cannot rate their own posts#570
  • format_avatar() function#569
  • Whitelist of avatar upload extensions#568
  • Preview announcements#567
  • Minimum post length to exclude MyCode#566
  • IPv6 features#565
  • APC cache handler#574
  • $cache->delete method#575
  • is_member() function#576
  • delete_user() function#408
  • IP addresses in PMs#563
  • Don’t ask for validation if validation is disabled#577
  • Slow reply posting in long threads#578
  • Soft Delete#560
  • Login Datahandler#572
  • Add theme selector to footer#496
  • Forum redirect icon#453
  • Permission to reply to own threads#409
  • ModCP banned users list descending by default#138
  • Quick Reply PM#437
  • Poll Updates (Add poll link to thread page; limit of time before a thraed author can no longer add a poll)#456
  • Update contact fields#455
  • Are You a Human CAPTCHA#443
  • Report Center #556
  • Ability to sort Private Messages in inbox and other folders#70
  • Recount Warning Points#85
  • Warning points as a Group Promotion criteria#88
  • Registration date and last active time as mass mail criteria#100
  • Display profile fields on posts #133
  • Add “Display posts in classic mode” option when editing user in Admin CP#107
  • Move Edit Time Limit and Max Post Per Day to group settings#114
  • Recount Private Messages#132
  • Hide members from the Member List#142
  • Force redirect page#550
  • Searching plugins will highlight vulnerable ones (requires new Mods site)Commit Link
  • Update $groupzerogreater array#809
  • CDN Compatbility #776
  • Goodbye Spammer #775
  • Add Time Zones#764
  • Thread Count#761
  • Buddy System Enhancements#757
  • Remove Hardcoded HTML#756
  • Database optimization#738
  • Overqualified Selectors#976 #700
  • Subscription PM notification option#689
  • Expand Forum Moderator permissions#688
  • Add profile fields on registration#687
  • Admin and Email activation option#685
  • Publicly shown poll end date#587
  • CAPTCHA Improvements#557
  • Search Help Files#497
  • Invite-only joinable groups#493
  • Maximum Nested Quote Tags for PMs#492
  • Hide stuff users don’t have permission to use#454
  • Edit Reason#451
  • Add to mycode#450
  • User option to disable images/videos#449
  • Moderation Tools Improvements#435
  • Forum Statistics Improvements#434 #824
  • Profile Fields Enhancements#433
  • Using update_query with BIT(1) fields#360
  • inline_moderation.js friendly to table-less themes #915
  • Memberlist sorting #914
  • Force Login #906
  • Add class to smilies #905
  • AJAX for security questions #894
  • Add get_user_by_username() helper function #893
  • find_replace_templates() accepts SID #889
  • $this->options in class_parser.php #880
  • Add class to announcements #879
  • Make forum friendly to outside pages #878
  • Change showthread.php icons to sprite #877
  • Add rebuild settings to cache tools #875
  • Add email description editing to editor #869
  • Add video sites to editor #862
  • Check new members against StopForumSpam #860
  • Jump to Page in pagination #857
  • send_pm() should consider users’ language #834
  • Image re-scaling and long words/text wrapping CSS/HTML changes #816
  • Moderate Groups #439
  • Portal Improvements #436
  • Moderation Notifications #430
  • Thread Prefix system improvements #427
  • Ability to Stop tracking all messages #364
  • Settings description on installation #197
  • Add Template::render method #1344


The New Mods site

Along with the new website, the much awaited new Mods Site has also hit action on the MyBB Community Forums. This may come as a surprise but we have come to the decision that the new Mods Site will only contain 1.8 compatible plugins and themes. Worry not for the old Mods Site will still be accessible at, as it is being archived for a short while allowing for the continued use of 1.6 resources. Developers will, therefore, have to manually port their resources from 1.6 to 1.8 in order for them to be approved on the new Mods Site.

To find out more about the Mods site, please check the documentation.


What’s Next

With the release of 1.8.0, our focus will now turn into two different directions: 1.8.1 and 2.0. Some people will prefer to stick to 1.8.1 development while some will prefer to work on 2.0 (or even both).

Merge System

The Merge System will be released soon but we concentrated on releasing MyBB 1.8 during the last months so there may be a slight delay before we have the Merge System working to merge your forum to 1.8. In the meantime, you can use the 1.6 Merge System to merge to 1.6 and then upgrade to 1.8.



We’d like to thank all who have helped us make 1.8 a reality, but following contributors, have been exceptional during the 1.8 development:


If you want to help us out and become a Contributor, be sure to read this blog post. If you’d rather join the team, feel free to contact us through Private Inquires. The project would be nothing without the team and contributors. If you want to help improve MyBB, now is the time.



Everyone is welcome in the #mybb IRC channel at Freenode to celebrate the release of 1.8! We also encourage you to spread the word of social media to help everyone running a MyBB forum to share this fantastic new release!

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