StefanT to take over as project manager

I am pleased to announce that StefanT will soon be taking over from me as project manager.

MyBB has been an exciting 7 year journey for me and I’ve witnessed an enormous amount of progress during my time. The project is still of great significance to me, however I have recently been unable to dedicate the time it deserves, largely due to several great opportunities that have consumed most of my attention for the last two years. Therefore I have made the tough decision to retire from the project and hand over the reigns to someone fresh and motivated.

A ballot was conducted among the team members to decide my successor. Nominations were open to all team members and Stefan was the successful candidate. I am very confident that the project will be in safe hands under Stefan’s leadership given the excellent job he has done steering development efforts over the past year.

I am also very excited to see what the future holds for MyBB. I hope my retirement will allow some of the newer team members to take greater ownership over the project and help take MyBB to new heights. In particular I’m pleased by the work towards 2.0 which has begun recently and I hope the team will be able to share more about that with you soon.

I’d like to thank the community for their support of the project, and the team who I have greatly enjoyed collaborating with over the years.

Regards, Tim B.

6 thoughts on “StefanT to take over as project manager

  1. wow @Tim B. Am happy for you. Every Good man pray to have a successor. As you retire from MyBB I pray your work you left behind we not be in vain. I also welcome @Stefan T. for the Journey that you are about to start in MyBB Series. We be perfect. And we the Members promise to be with you. And help in testing every new release and Bita versions. Best regard Adamzy.

  2. On behalf of everyone, I’m sure, thank you very much for your contributions to the product and community. Good luck to StefanT. After working with him I’m certain his influence will be great for the future of MyBB.

  3. Thank you for your service Tim B.

    Good luck and best wishes to you StefanT.

    We are all fortunate to have such talented and dedicated people working on MyBB.

  4. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put towards the MyBB project from the day you first started. 🙂

  5. Thanks a lot Tim, you did a wonderful job of maintaining the project very active and useful to end users. I am sure this would be a value add for your future as a project manager.
    Greetings and welcome StefanT, looking ahead to work with you.

    ..I have been year with MyBB, for a short time, basically a full time Linux administrator PHP programmer by interest. MyBB has significant role in making me a PHP developer (newbie developer..).

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