MyBB 1.6 End of Life Announcement

MyBB 1.8 was released almost 9 months ago (September 1st, 2014 for those keeping track) and has since proven to be stable. Therefore we will be concluding maintenance and support for the MyBB 1.6 series, and we encourage everyone who has not already done so to upgrade to MyBB 1.8 as soon as possible.

The end of life date for MyBB 1.6 will be the 1st of September, 2015.

After this date:

  • We will not be offering official support for MyBB 1.6.
  • There will be no further maintenance or security releases for the 1.6 series.
  • The 1.6 support forums will be closed and archived.

If you require information on how to upgrade please consult our upgrade instructions, if you need further support please visit the support forums.

20 thoughts on “MyBB 1.6 End of Life Announcement

  1. Does this mean that the output is close 2.x and developers want to focus their time and energy on the next branch ?

      • ok, you ‘ve already decided to come out 2 branch that will be with 1.8 ? they will develop at least a year , or in parallel through 1.8 will be closed and the main 2 ?

      • Sorry, I’m not sure I understand. Once 2.0 is released, 1.8 will be supported for a period of time in order to allow people to upgrade at their leisure. Eventually, 1.8 will no longer be supported, just as has happened with 1.6.

  2. Is it safe to assume that 1.8.7 will be the last in the 1.8* series then? You seem eager to get moved on to 2.0 fully now.

    • We’re not setting any kind of limits like that. 1.8 will be supported for at least a year after 2.0’s release, and will receive as many fixes as needed.

    • I’ll stick with 1.6.x

      Too many issues still being reported on 1.8.x

      also not enough MODS for 1.8

      • Hi there,

        1.8 is still establishing itself in the Mods and Themes space, but it’s definitely not absent. contains all of the Plugin Releases threads for 1.8, which I see 58 pages of.

        As far as issues, 1.8 is hardly any less stable than 1.6 was when it was at a similar state in its release cycle. 1.6 had its own share of major issues, but they were eventually resolved, as will happen with 1.8.

        Thank you for your understanding. We still encourage you to upgrade, as security and maintenance releases for 1.6 will cease at the EOL date. This will leave your forum vulnerable to any unfixed vulnerabilities that might be found in 1.8 and also exist in 1.6.

    • Hi,

      1.8 has now been available for almost a year. We cannot support 2 different code bases indefinitely, and all good things must come to an end. The same thing happened when 1.6 was released and 1.4 support ended. Skins and Plugins are constantly being developed and updated and there are still a few months left before support finishes.

      1.6 is an old platform now and we’ve never said that we would support it for any longer than we usually do for other releases.

    • Also, most 1.6 plugins work in 1.8 without any problem. Themes are a bigger issue because 1.6 can’t be used without many corrections, but there are some decent choices for 1.8 (I agree that not many though).

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