2.0 Dev Post #6

It’s that time again, time for another MyBB 2.0 dev blog! This post is the sixth in a series of development update posts regarding MyBB 2.0. Currently in pre-alpha, MyBB 2.0 is the long awaited upcoming major version of the open source MyBB forum software. We’ll be posting regular updates (we promise!) in regards to the development to keep you all updated. The development team have been hard at work since our last dev post, adding new features and polishing existing functionality. This post will take a slightly different approach to previous posts by focusing on a single aspect of 2.0 in slightly more detail, namely the new responsive styling.

Note that all screenshots and details contained within these posts are subject to change and is taken from early developmental software; details are in no way indicative of the features or presentation of the final software. The screenshots and media featured within this post is intended to give an impression of the current direction we are heading in and any and all feedback is as always highly appreciated.

The Overall Style

The base theme has been designed to offer an optimum experience across both desktop web browsers and mobile browsers including Smartphones and Tablets. Individual elements resize and are shown and hidden as needed, following the responsive web design approach. The overall style is intended to be simple and modern, with a focus on content above all else.

In order to capture this responsive style, we’ve recorded some short footage of a current 2.0 install in action across a range of devices, showing how it reacts to different devices without losing functionality yet still remaining easy to use.

Please note that my local server is at the minute suffering from a few ghosts in the machine and as such JavaScript is not working due to content negotiation issues. When I get this fixed I will update the footage included in this post, but I wanted to get this published as soon as I could!

MyBB 2.0 On Desktop

This footage shows how some of MyBB 2.0 operates when on a traditional laptop or desktop machine, showing off some of the basic functionality such as viewing topics, creating topics, creating polls, replying to polls, changing your user settings and starting a new conversation.

MyBB 2.0 On Tablet

This footage shows how some of MyBB 2.0 operates when on an iPad or Tablet. It shows how the controls translate to the slightly smaller screen and how all of the standard functionality is still as easily accessible as if on a laptop or desktop.

MyBB 2.0 On Mobile

This footage shows how some of MyBB 2.0 operates when using a Smartphone with much less screen real estate. Controls resize to fit the display and operate smoothly. Unfortunately there are a few small glitches in the theme still at the moment, but we are working to resolve these – we just wanted to show you how things look right now.

Other thoughts

We’d like to thank the community for their continued input on the direction MyBB 2.0 is heading in. Particularly, the discussions around the new attachment system have been extremely useful and are helping to guide us as we start to implement attachments over this coming month – something I hope to be able to share this time in October!

17 thoughts on “2.0 Dev Post #6

  1. when mybb v2.0 beta release? pl update…i will close my wordpress site and install mybb v2.0..
    i am waiting amazing free forum script…

  2. More and more I like it MyBB. In anticipation of version 2.0 which will only be using a revolution in the forum of this script

  3. I like the look of the new update I think with the menu instead of pushing things to the side the menu should slide over the content and have a x to close the menu.

    • Hi,

      There is no way to use the 2.0 theme with MyBB 1.x, but there are plugins such as MyBB GoMobile that can make your forum mobile friendly.

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