Project Updates November 2016

As there have been a number of changes to both the team structure and some development going on, we thought it was time to share some updates on what’s been happening behind the scenes.

Team Changes

There have been a number of changes to the structure of the team over the last couple of months, with a few people leaving, some fresh new faces and some familiar faces returning to the team.


We wish farewell to the following team members, and thank them for all of their hard work and contributions:

All of these members left the team because they had limited time. We wish them all the best and we would welcome them back should they find the time to contribute to the project again.


As well as departures, we also have some new (and some not-so-new) faces joining the ranks.

  • dragonexpert – Recently joined the support team again! He has been helping clear the mods queue since he rejoined the team and we can only thank him for his hard work so far.
  • Shade – Shade has rejoined us on the SQA team, we welcome him back and we are sure that he will contribute to the project.
  • Brad-T – We invited brad to the team to help share his community management expertise with us. We are sure he will help with community issues!
  • Matslom – If you have been following the 2.0 GitHub repo you will see Matslom has been contributing for some time now, including coding the warning system.
  • Wildcard – Another old team member who joined us back, we welcome him back and we are sure he will contribute fully.
  • JordanMussi – Jordan is also a old team member who has joined the community team, We are glad to have him back on board!

Mods Site Queue

It has been no secret for a while that we have had quite a back log of modification submissions waiting to be checked by the team as part of our extensive approval process. With a special thanks to dragonexpert and shade, the mods queue has taken a severe beating over the last couple of weeks, with there being no projects waiting for review for a short time for the first time in a long time!

As ever, if you’ve submitted a project and not heard anything about it being approved or denied, please do feel free to create a new topic in the Private Inquiries forum.

1.8 Development

Over the recent weeks we have had a lot of development progress on the MyBB 1.8 series. A lot of issues have been either getting PR’s fixing them or we have been rejecting them due to the age of the 1.8 series. We have also been reviewing the 1.8 bugs forum and highlighting any issues we felt need to be fixed. We are looking to get the issues on GitHub to current issues that need to be fixed before we move complete focus (except security fixes) to 2.0. Due to the high amount of bug reports we have been unable to reply to every issue but we have compiled an internal list and we are looking at this.

2.0 Development

Recent development on the 2.0 series has been slow, but recently we have seen a large increase in contributions from outside the team. Matslom (who has since joined the team), for instance recently submitted a great Pull Request to add a warning system to 2.0 which has now been merged into the main branch. Additionally, Paradigm has been working on implementing an installer system for 2.0 – something that has been planned for a while and kept being bumped down the priority list.

A lot of the discussion around these developments has been happening on the #20-development channel on the MyBB Discord server, and we would encourage anybody interested in contributing to the development of MyBB to pop in and see what’s going on!

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  1. Wildcard. Excellent. Man……… For 2.0, please…Sidebars. Sidebars. Sidebars.

    Thanks to Wildcard’s incredible sidebar plugin, my forum is a living, breathing, entity. All other forums are stale and lifeless in comparison.

    Integrate sidebars, and with all the functionality that 1.6 sidebars have, into 2.0. Please…

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