MyBB 1.8.22 Released — Security & Maintenance Release

MyBB 1.8.22 is now available, and is a security & maintenance release.

Note: this version removes the discontinued Yahoo profile field, which may have been customized for other purposes.

  • 5 security vulnerabilities addressed:

    • High risk: Installer RCE on settings file write — reported by yelang123 of Stealien
    • Medium risk: Arbitrary upload paths & Local File Inclusion RCE — reported by CNCERT
    • Medium risk: XSS via insufficient HTML sanitization of Blog feed & Extend data — reported by Devilshakerz of MyBB Team
    • Low risk: Open redirect on login — reported by Jyoti Raval of Qualys
    • Low risk: SCEditor reflected XSS — reported by Cillian Collins, bl4ckh4ck5
  • 36 issues resolved

Check Release Notes for a list of changes to language files, templates and unresolved issues.

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MyBB Team