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Greetings to all,

As we continue to try and reach out to the community with more information on our progress, development, et cetera, this blog post is here to inform you on our current plans for MyBB 1.4, MyBB 1.6, and MyBB 2.0. We are not going to be giving in-depth information away on MyBB 1.6 or 2.0 until they near completion but I would like to draw a general outline and sum up some information that has been spread across the internet.

MyBB 1.4.5

Work is currently going to completing MyBB 1.4.5. It will contain over 100 various fixes, and include performance and stability improvements among other things. We want to put MyBB 1.4.5 through a 2-week beta testing phase before we release it to the general public. This is done in order to ensure we minimize any regressions from changes that have been made to the code since MyBB 1.4.4 and so you can have a smooth transition upgrading from MyBB 1.4.4 to MyBB 1.4.5.

MyBB 1.6

We are steadily and diligently working on development for MyBB 1.6. There have been 17 features/improvements officially “completed” and are in the process of Quality Analysis. We have several more near completion. You won’t be seeing any huge changes in MyBB 1.6 and we have taken steps to ensure that when MyBB 1.6 is officially released it will be a stable release. This is done so we can keep the impact on theme creators and plugin and mod authors down to a minimal level. This will lead to a smooth transition between MyBB 1.4 and MyBB 1.6 and I’m looking towards at least 60% of all plugins should still work with MyBB 1.6 with minimal changes (essentially just the “compatibility” indicator updated for most).

MyBB 2.0

We have been brainstorming, sharing ideas, sharing mockups, etc for the past few months. We will probably be brainstorming and trying new ideas for MyBB 2.0 for the most part all the way up to the general testing of MyBB 1.6 and then we will shift gears to MyBB 2.0.

We hope everyone enjoys this small update on our development and future plans. We will continue to space out these updates during our normal development cycles to keep you informed on the going-ons of MyBB.

33 thoughts on “Update on MyBB Development

  1. Thanks for updating us with new plans of MYBB team. Ofcourse users always look forward for new ideas and new features. To keep us updated, keeps users stick to the script! πŸ™‚

  2. It seems like everything is going well in terms of development. I expect a lot from you MyBB! πŸ˜›

  3. @ The Developers or Mods, look at was the right way to ask you what’s going on with 1.4.5. You see many Users thinks Mybb was Death.

  4. Will you continue the support for MyBB 1.4 if 1.6 is released? At least security updates should be provided.

  5. Mike, yes, we will still provide security updates for MyBB 1.4 after MyBB 1.6 is release. It works like this:

    MyBB 1.4 released – Bug fixes for 1.2 stops. Support continues for 1.2 until we feel that the majority of users have had enough time to work out any issues and upgrade. Security fixes for MyBB 1.2 continue until MyBB 1.6 is released.

    Likewise, this is how it will work for MyBB 1.6:
    MyBB 1.6 released – Bug fixes for 1.4 stops. Support continues for 1.4 until we feel that the majority of users have had enough time to work out any issues and upgrade. Security fixes for MyBB 1.4 continue until MyBB 2.0 is released.

  6. @Paul, bit of a late reply, but it will be along soon. For future reference, there is never an ETA set for any release, they’re just released whenever they’re ready.

  7. Well, I think 1.4 has all the features I need, and is awesome but await with interest to see how you can improve on it with the other versions.


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  9. Hi!

    Its very Great if you include a Blog (like this) on myBB 2.0! πŸ˜‰

    I think of a lot of people will be really happy for that.

    Well i can help (a bit but can help)


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