Use Twitter? Follow @MyBB for MyBB Updates & News

TwitterFor those who use Twitter, the “social networking site without a business model”, you can follow @mybbgroup @MyBB for quick access to all of the latest on MyBB.

Edit: The Twitter handle is now @MyBB.

For those who don’t use Twitter, the concept is you have 140 characters to post status updates/messages. You can follow other users for easy access to their updates, and have people follow you.

We’ll be using Twitter to:

  • Post updates to MyBB and what we’re working on
  • Notify you of updates to the MyBB Blog and new threads posted in the MyBB Announcements forum
  • Point out interesting plugins, themes, tips and tricks that help you benefit more from MyBB
  • Exclusively grab feedback on new things, especially regarding the development of MyBB 2.0
  • Reach out to potential users who have questions regarding MyBB, and help out those who are having diffuclties

If you don’t already have a Twitter account, why not sign up for one today? It takes less than 5 minutes and is a fabulous social networking tool.

(Shameless plug – you can also find me on Twitter: @surfichris)

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