EOL announcement concerning MyBB 1.2

Discontinuation of support for 1.2 series

MyBB 1.4 has been out for over 8 months. During this time we have had a security audit done and we believe that the 1.4 series is the safest yet. So upgrading should not worry you one bit.
When we first released 1.4 we only planned to continue support for 6 months but continued support due to the sizeable amount of people that still used the 1.2 series.

Support for the 1.2 series will end on June 1st, 2009 – making it 9 months of support after the release of the 1.4 series.
For those of you who are still operating boards with 1.2 we urge you to upgrade to the latest 1.4 release and seek help if needed before June 1st.

Some links that may be of use to you:
http://www.mybboard.net/downloads – To obtain the latest MyBB release
[Wiki: Database_Backup] – Always important if something goes wrong. Also be sure to backup all your files.
[Wiki: Upgrading] – Standard upgrading procedure details.

After June 1st, 2009, the 1.2 support forums will be moved to the read-only archive.

It is important to note that we will still provide vulnerability patches for the 1.2 series until December 31st, 2009.

7 thoughts on “EOL announcement concerning MyBB 1.2

  1. About time, I see no reason for sticking with 1.2 other than some plugins. You guys have provided support long enough, I’d say. 🙂 (Nearly 9 months, wow! Doesn’t seem like it. Haha.)

  2. L.s.,

    In the beginning I have tried to upgrade to 1.4 several times and gave me lots of problems, didn’t get the right answers?

    Now my myBB 1.2 forum is completely junk and not working.

    No code buttons, no uploads, no announcements, nothing works.

    Something is really going wrong after my host had server problems?

    Don’t no how to fix it?

    Need help.

    kind regards.

  3. Make a support thread, you’ll be waiting rather a along time to get support here. You made one thread asking for help with upgrading over a year ago, I posted last and you never replied, you could have replied or made another one, not wait a year and then claim you haven’t been given the right answers.

    Make a new thread and we’ll help you out. Waiting this long will only have made it more difficult for you.

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