MyBB 1.6 Beta Released

The MyBB Group is proud to release the first public beta of MyBB 1.6.  There are over 48 new features some of which we have featured in two of our previous blog postings (sneak previews: part 1, part 2).  In addition, there are a number of improvements and bug fixes.

MyBB 1.6 aims to provide a number of fresh new features to the 1.4.x code base.  We had backward compatibility in mind, and so most themes and modifications designed for 1.4.x should work with 1.6 with minimal changes.

Beta software

As this is still beta software, we expect there are going to be bugs, anomalies and other related issues.  Please report any bugs in our development tracker, with all the information you may find relevant (error verbatim, reproduction procedure, server software, browser, etc), and please search before posting.  At this time we do not recommend running this on a production forum.  It is highly recommended that you create backups of your files and database before attempting to use MyBB 1.6.


The support team will be providing limited official support for the beta software. Our concentration for support will still be on our stable series, 1.4.x, so please be patient.  As usual, we can only provide support for assistance in using MyBB’s features.  We cannot provide support for customizations including plugins, modifications, and themes.

Download and further information

The MyBB 1.6 Beta can be downloaded here.  Please read our 1.6 FAQ as well.

34 thoughts on “MyBB 1.6 Beta Released


    If you need help please post it at the MyBB 1.6 General Support forum:

    This comment thread is for feedback and questions regarding the release, and any clarifications.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

  2. This works great, using it now and I love it. Nothing really changed, but it has come features that I like. I am hoping that MyBB 2.0 will surpass what we are expecting.

    Errors I have noticed:
    * Moderation Que
    * User Online/Offline Image(postbit) not working correctly
    * GMail Select not always works.

    Other then that, it works perfectly. Great jobs guys.

  3. @Tyler, “Errors you have noticed.” Don’t post them here. They will be ignored. Post them on the development site and post them in detail. And make sure you search thoroughly on the development site before you do post them. Nothing you have provided in your comment tells us anything about the problem.

  4. Got a copy running on my localhost now. Going to give it a good play with. How long before some tutorials appear for creating plugins? Or is it going to be the same as 1.4?

  5. @Gamer42x, It was a management decision not to update them. I personally feel we could have, but I guess we want to stick with final releases.

  6. Well, it’s very good mybb development is still very active, but i hope mods will follow.
    When updated from 1.2 to 1.4, i lost most of interresting mods 😦 .
    Sometimes, one year to wait for a mod updated and sometimes not yet.

    I hope i won’t have this problem with this new version.

    But anyway, mybb is a good board and many thanks for your word ! 😀

  7. Hi,
    Just wondering, when gold is released, If I upgrade, will all my plugins die? Or will most be compatible with this new version?

  8. All you have to do to make a plugin compatible is locate and change that I have below.

    “compatibility” => “14*”


    “compatibility” => “*” or “compatibility” => “16*”(this will be for the final release)

    However you could try “compatibility” => “15*” (thats mainly for the beta)

    I just recommend the first two suggestions/edits.

  9. I am clicking next on installer but nothing happens it stay on same page, what could be wrong.

    Help me

  10. @Gentleman’s Gazette As we say every time we’re asked, whenever it is ready for release, it will be released 🙂 We don’t know a set date anymore than you do.

  11. Hello all,
    I have never had a Forum before and I am looking to start my first one.
    I have little to none programming experience so is MyBB the best way to go for me and if so should I wait for 1.6 ?
    And if so is there any word of a release date?
    Thanks guys.

  12. @Len The Question asked is a bit weird.We use Mybb, so ‘course Mybb is best for us.PHPBB or SMF fanboys wont be hangin out here.
    And as for 1.6, the date is not fixed so you can start the forum right away and when it releases(sooner or later) you can easily upgrade.

  13. @Len: You will be able to upgrade from MyBB 1.4 to 1.6 without loosing any of the posts/users/etc. so you don’t have to wait until MyBB 1.6 is released.

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