Donation drive for a domain: Donation Drive

Hi there folks.

What’s all this about?

For some time now the domain has been owned by another party and not used (also known as domain parking). Numerous attempts have been made to purchase the domain for the MyBB project, but the price has always been too far out of our reach.

It is not uncommon for 4 letter domains to be sold for upwards of $10,000 – in fact, when first approached, we were told they wanted $20,000 for Thanks to labrocca, we now have a price that is much more feasible for us to obtain. A special deal is open just to the MyBB Group to get this domain, but the offer is not open indefinitely.

We need to raise $3,000 to secure the domain.

Why do we want this?

We’re glad you asked.

The domain will be beneficial to reach a larger audience who will see us as a striving project in need of recognition as the very competitive forum solution that we are. is less effort to type in, and remember, than – which can be confusing. Is it MyBBoard or MyBBBoard? If it’s MyBBoard, is the software called MyB Board, or MyB?

When you try to recall a website’s domain, one of the hardest parts is the name and spelling, the next hardest is if it’s .com, .net, .org, etc. Most times we’ll try .com first – if we get the domain, you’d get us first try!

What have you done for me?

Over the years we have provided you with a forum solution that you’ve used for your hobbies, entertainment, leisure, business or maybe even a MyBB resource forum – whatever the case, we’ve been there with you every step of the way.

Where do we start?

Our staff members, labrocca and a few forum members have already expressed interest in donating an amount for the domain. Many thanks to Labrocca and Chris Boulton for already pledging $1,000 each, which brings down the donation goal to $3,000 but we’ll still be quite a bit off. Without our staff and valued members we would not be where we are today, and without you, we cannot advance into a new era. We’re counting on your donations to reach this goal.

Please consider how much you are able to donate towards our target, and if not, you can still assist us by spreading the word to your community or perhaps other MyBB users who may not know. Anything you can do will help us, and we are thankful for everything.

I’ve heard enough, I’m ready to get involved

We have setup a page on our website for the donation drive at our donation drive page. You may find all the information you need to donate there.

If you would like to spread the word we have created an image you may place in your signature that will show the progress of the donation drive. Just place this into your signature:


If you would also like to put it into your website, here is the HTML code:

<div align="center"><a href=""><img src="" alt="" /></a></div>

Thank you all in advance,
MyBB Group.

83 thoughts on “Donation drive for a domain:

  1. @Technoman, it’s about branding. We need to make sure people know that “MyBB” is what we’re called and how they can access us.

    @Pirata Nervo: We need to get the funding first.

  2. But like that anyone can buy the domain, or did “the other party” confirmed that the domain will not be sold to anyone else except you?

  3. It say’s it’s giving kudos to us, now when I did it I listed my forum username… I don’t want some big thank you thing when you get the domain.

    Any info on what that thank you thing is?


  4. When one goes into a professional venture like mybb, one aquires the .com first (and maybee a few others) are you guys saying you did have at one stage and lost it?
    or some incompetent did not register it before setting up mybb? – Or was already registered and you thought to try it on with as an alternative – I am just curious the history of

    Its madness to pay domain scumbags so much money that have your $10 domain in storage dont you think?


  5. @happyshopper – The way things have worked out have not been ideal for us. We’ve finally been presented with an opportunity to right all the wrongs regarding and we’re taking it. Or at least trying to.

    If you do not support our donation drive please do not feel as though you have to. 🙂

  6. I’m just really grateful for myBB and the fact that its free is mind blowing, so hope my little donation helps, you guys deserve it, but it makes me sad that the domain price is so ridiculous! ;[

  7. Has anyone thought about contacting EA Games to see if they would be willing to donate some (or the rest of the) money since they’re using MyBB on the BattleField Heroes site?

  8. Banner is up since a few days on my sites and clickrate seems well, I hope people will also donate for the project.
    Just sent you some bucks too, best of luck guys, looks like will be yours soon.

  9. A FYI for those wondering about the domain name. Not sure of how these people got it ( ones who have it now ) but at one point back in 2003 or 2004 if i recall correctly there was a site going by the name MYBB.COM ( at one time they went by i do believe-Someone else has this now ) and it was for free forum hosting. They were out of the UK. Unsure if anyone knows about that. That btw is how i found this place as i was looking for that old site. Why i remember it.

    If anyone recalls that or if i am wrong about any of the details feel free to correct me. Has been a while.

    Good luck on the donation drive.

  10. It appears the domain was bought, because it is visible on several areas, excepting this blog!

  11. @a!ex, it’s a premium domain name (anything that is 3 or 4 letters is a premium domain name) so it is certainly going to be expensive. This domain’s cost is 4,200. The community is raising 3,000 and Chris/Labrocca covered the rest.

  12. Happy to see the site, it looks so much more solid and professional, imho. Just made another 10-dollar donation.

  13. @Nick not really sure what you’re getting at, I don’t see the correlation between the community donating money and the community making free plugins…

  14. To be honest that money could be used for getting MyBB at even more professional level then were it is now. I don’t see the need for spending that money for the domain. It would be better if that money was donated to MyBB itself so that it could get on some professional level by integrating new features that popular bulletin boards have. The investment would pay off. Sorry but i just don’t get the point of buying domain that costs 3000$.

  15. @Nick it doesn’t cost us money to integrate new features. MyBB is an open source software that has volunteer staff. Even if we did recieve a big rush of money from donations it wouldn’t really increase the number of new features, as the developers would still have other commitments.

    As for the domain just think about it. If you want to go onto SMF’s website you would type by default (doesn’t link to the actual website). The same goes for mybb. This is pretty much what it says in the blog post;

    “ is less effort to type in, and remember, than – which can be confusing. Is it MyBBoard or MyBBBoard? If it’s MyBBoard, is the software called MyB Board, or MyB?

    When you try to recall a website’s domain, one of the hardest parts is the name and spelling, the next hardest is if it’s .com, .net, .org, etc. Most times we’ll try .com first – if we get the domain, you’d get us first try!”

  16. Thanks for the clarification Polarbear541. Yeah but even so it would help the software in some way. Anyway good luck and keep working on MyBB 🙂 .

  17. No worries. I donated $50.00 USD. Glad I could support such an amazing piece of software. I’ll probably donate a further $50.00 when I get paid this week.

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