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The MyBB Group has had an IRC channel for several years hosted on but it hasn’t been widely publicized for a long time and is only regularly used by a small number of people. Today we’re announcing something of a relaunch for the official MyBB IRC channel and with it our move to the Freenode network.

One of the main reasons for the move has to do with the fact that MyBB is now an open-source project. Freenode is a huge hub of open-source software groups and many well know projects maintain a presence there. By moving our channel onto the Freenode network we hope to add a new arm to our existing community whilst expanding our reach further into the wider open-source community. Also, since Freenode is quite a popular IRC network it’s possible the IRC users amongst you may already have an account registered there.

MyBB staff will be around some of the time but this is not an official support resource. Official support will remain to be solely available on the MyBB Community Forums. The IRC channel is intended as more of an informal place for users to come along and engage with other members of the community, although common sense rules will apply.

If you feel like coming along and joining us, you can do so by connecting your IRC client of choice to and joining #mybb. Alternatively a web-chat interface is available at

Happy chatting.

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