MyBB 1.4.14 Released – Maintenance Release

MyBB 1.4.14 is now available on the MyBB website and is a general maintenance release.

This release fixes a few reported issues with version released since 1.4.13 causing some incorrect functionality of MyBB. These bugs have been fixed to provide a more stable version of MyBB for public use. This will be the last maintenance release to the MyBB 1.4 series.

What’s added/changed in this version?

  • MyBB 1.4.14 is now fully compatible with PHP 5.3.
  • Attachment management now properly checks for the post key.

This release has been tested by our Software Quality Assurance group.

Information on upgrading, template changes and language changes can be found in the posts below.

Please note, that you do not need to run the upgrade script for this version.
There are no database schema changes in this version.

Upgrading from the 1.4 series

When upgrading from 1.4.13, you will not lose any custom themes, plugins or language packs which you may have installed.

Follow the general [Wiki: Upgrading] guide outlined on the MyBB Wiki to complete the upgrade process. You may download a ZIP archive of changed files here:

You must then check for modified templates using the instructions below.

Upgrading from other versions

If you are upgrading from a version earlier than 1.2 then you will lose your custom themes, templates and language packs due to the number of changes between your version and the 1.2 series.

Before you attempt to upgrade, ensure you have a database backup and a copy of the files currently in use on your board. This is so you can revert back to your earlier version if you need to or something goes horribly wrong with the upgrade process.

Follow the general [Wiki: Upgrading] guide outlined on the MyBB Wiki to complete the upgrade process.

Changed files since MyBB 1.4.13

  • editpost.php
  • newreply.php
  • newthread.php
  • admin
    • modules
      • home
        • version_check.php
      • config
        • plugins.php
  • install
    • index.php
    • upgrade.php
    • resources
      • upgrade16.php
  • inc
    • class_core.php
    • init.php
    • function_serverstats.php
    • languages
      • english.php

* Red represents files that contain security updates
* Green represents new files added in this release

Bugs fixed since MyBB 1.4.13

  • #180 – PHP 5.3/6.0 Changes & Support
  • #630 – PHP 5.1+ generates “date_default_timezone_set” warning on every page
  • #959 – Magic Quotes Check
  • #1077 – Post key not checked for attachment management

Theme and template changes

There have been no template changes in this release.

Language file changes

There have been no language file changes in this release.


All of your MyBB 1.4.x plugins will work correctly with 1.4.14 without any updates.

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