A roundup of our new developers

There has been a great deal of curiosity about the recent additions to the MyBB family so finally I am proud to formally introduce all our new developers to you.

Ryon H

Ryon is an enthusiastic PHP developer with a unique sense of humor. He also happens to speak several languages and apparently lives in a town between a tree and a rock (those are his words). We are also very glad his parents decided to name him Ryon rather than Ryan because that saves us a lot of confusion.


Update: Unfortunately Morgoth has had to leave us already due to some unforeseen issues. We wish him the best of luck with his future.

Morgoth (also known as -Calypso-) is an experienced PHP developer and has come to us from the IPB community where he was well known for developing a number of highly successful plugins.


Sacred has also come to us from the IPB community and also has many brilliant plugins to his name. By day he is a Digital Media Manager for a leading online advertising agency and specializes in SEO and e-commerce as well as PHP development.

Dylan M.

Dylan has extensive programming experience and prior to joining the team was well known for his work with extending the MyBB merge system. We are very glad to have him aboard the team as the lead developer for the merge system.

So, please make all our new developers feel welcome and if you see them looking lost and dazed out on the forums don’t hesitate to lend them a hand ;).

16 thoughts on “A roundup of our new developers

  1. An SEO expert and people with experience of IPB? Hm…

    2.0 is sure going to be very interesting if this kind of talent is taking part in the development!

  2. Haha. I liked the introduction of Ryon. At least there isn’t 3 Ryans now. (How is Ryon pronounced?)

    Welcome new people.

  3. Welcome the new devs 🙂

    [quote]We are also very glad his parents decided to name him Ryon rather than Ryan because that saves us a lot of confusion.[/quote]

    Agreed 😀

  4. Congrats all!

    I’m familiar with the guys who’ve joined from IPB’s community, I used to chat with Morgoth a fair bit back in the day when you had to change the code yourself in order to use mods. Nice to see two friendly familiar faces, I’m sure everyone’s a great addition to the team!

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