Ryan Gordon’s Departure From MyBB


As a few have noticed, Ryan Gordon, the lead developer of MyBB has parted ways with us. A message from Ryan is below.

All of us here at the MyBB Group wish Ryan well in his future endeavours, and I personally am extremely grateful for the role that Ryan has been able to step up and fulfil over the past few years whilst I’ve not been able to dedicate much personal time toward the project. Ryan’s dedication and passion for everything he did, as well as bringing us some of the greatest MyBB releases to date, will be missed.

What does this mean for MyBB?

The most important thing to keep in mind is whilst this is a big change for us, you can still look forward to exceptional releases of your favourite forum software. Work is underway planning out MyBB 2.0, and from our top-secret prototypes, it’s already looking great.

We’ll have more to announce shortly, but again thank you for your continued support.

A message from Ryan to all…

Dear community,

It is with time that with every profession, interest and passion fade and something new comes along to take over it’s place. It is with this in mind, among other things, that I have decided to enlist my resignation from the MyBB Team.

Over the past 5 years I’ve had the unique experience of journying with this team and working on this product that has taught me so much. Together we have built hundreds of thousands of communities and I know that this will continue for a long time into the future.

I wish the MyBB team and the community best of luck in the future, as I open up this new chapter in my life.

Ryan Gordon

32 thoughts on “Ryan Gordon’s Departure From MyBB

  1. Ryan was very helpful to everybody who used MyBB and would provide a lot of updates.

    He helped turn MyBB into… MyBB

    So good luck out there mate.

    – Crocodile

  2. Goodbye and Good luck Ryan. I can’t say enough as a thanks for what you’ve done. Also come visit us ;).

  3. I wish you the best of luck in whatever your future holds, Ryan. You’ll certainly be missed by many and I can only hope your traditions of high standards and an awesome MyBB live on πŸ™‚

  4. Wow,

    I admit that I was surprised.

    But I understand.You gave us 5 years of forum software development work and we can see that it is a good one.

    Take care and thank you.

    Thomas P.

  5. You will be missed. I loved MyBB and it’s functionality, and this is a very sad chapter in its history. However, I have no doubt that you will find a replacement just as good. While this is a great loss, the future is promising.

  6. Guys, don’t think that MyBB will change because of Ryan leaving. While this is a blow to everyone, MyBB will continue to be what it is without Ryan. πŸ™‚

  7. I wish Ryan good luck with his future endeavours, whatever they may be. I guess the MyBB community can only hope that this loss doesn’t lead to a cataclysmic implosion like that of vBulletin/Internet Brands. πŸ˜‰

  8. Great work Ryan!

    MyBB is actually the best free board software.

    I run my new Board (http://www.schwarzernorden.de/ , a german goth-community) since 1 week, and its soo fast and cool πŸ˜€

    The Plugin System is very simple, helpful and useful (i wrote a few Plugins for auto-updating the portal, etc…), and the Templates are very cool too!

    I’ll never want to change the Board Software!

    Good luck in your Future!


  9. All the work that you did for MyBB is irreplaceable, lot of the features and code MyBB runs is because of you and is gratly appreciated.

    Thank you very much Ryan! Not going with luck, but wish you a great success in life!

    – Sergio.

  10. Good luck Ryan Gordon thank you very much for all the hours you put in to mybb with out you it would not have had the head start it did

    your going to be missed i do hope that you drop in and talk to us at some point.

    hope your enjoy the next stage off your life

  11. Sorry this is a little late, but all the best for your future endeavours, Ryan.

    As an end-user, I am aware that you were always very active on the Forums on-top of being part of the core development team for MyBB, which I think is special in itself and an inspiration.

    Thank you for the work you’ve done on MyBB so far, and hopefully in the future – should the opportunity and time allow – you will be back working on the core team again with your (newly gained) experiences.

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