Google Translation Plugins

A warning to anyone using any of the various Google Translation Plugins. They will no longer work. Google has disabled the Translation API v1 due to abuse. Someone may write new ones using the new v2 API, however that is a paid service.

You can read more about it here:

I’ve gone ahead and disabled all of the mods on our mods site that are using the v1 API (That I know of anyways), so anything on the mods site should be using v2. If you find one I missed, please respond in this thread with which ones, and a Staff member will take care of it.

Thank you,
MyBB Team

4 thoughts on “Google Translation Plugins

  1. My forum didn’t use the Google Translator Plugins, but few weeks ago I think that the plugin is awesome. Unfortunattely now is no longer available. Thanks for your information.

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