MyBB 1.6 Sneak Preview (Part 1)

Do you smell what we smell? The crisp, fresh air of a new is arriving, and so is a new version of MyBB!

We’re excited to announce that MyBB 1.6 is coming early 2010! There are 49 brand new features included. We’ve been working on MyBB 1.6 since the release of 1.4 in August of 2008, and the long work has paid off! Below are just a few of the new, exciting features MyBB 1.6 offers.

Search Private Messages

Video MyCode Integration

Search for Themes & Plugins

Thread Prefixes

PHP 5.1.0 minimum

As we have alluded in the past couple of years, MyBB 1.6 will be the first version of MyBB to run on PHP 5 installations only, and more specifically, servers set up with PHP 5.1.0 as a minimum. This is only an issue for about 10% of you who are still using a host running obsolete versions of PHP; it might be time to give your host a slight nudge forward if you are in this group.

Thanks for reading!

There are even more features that will make your MyBB experience even better. Stay tuned to find out more about MyBB 1.6!

115 thoughts on “MyBB 1.6 Sneak Preview (Part 1)

  1. Ok so this blog is looking old since this was started January 1st 2010 any new updates regarding this release since its nearly June?

    “We’re excited to announce that MyBB 1.6 is coming early 2010!”

    Its now MID 2010!

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  3. Unfortunately for me it appears i will not get to enjoy the new features. (banned) but i must say there appears to be some great updates.
    As posted above. The video option is really quite a neat little core component.
    Well from what i can tell there is loads of tweeks etc.

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