MyBB 1.6 Sneak Preview (Part 2)

In the first part of the MyBB 1.6 sneak previews, we shared just four of the 49 brand new features included in MyBB 1.6. Here are some more:

Delayed Moderation

Users Online in Thread

Group as Moderator

Removing/Changing Votes

User Notes for Mods and Admins

More Secure Admin Login

Thanks for reading!

There are even more features that will make your MyBB experience even better. Stay tuned to find out more about MyBB 1.6!

85 thoughts on “MyBB 1.6 Sneak Preview (Part 2)

  1. I was wondering, why is MyBB 1.6 going to support PHP version 5.1+ instead of 5.0+? Or why not just 5.2+ instead of 5.1?

  2. 38.

    Hospitality Welfare (January 31st, 2010, 6:45 pm)

    More Secure Admin Login- this option is sure going to cause problems if the forums would have users who tend to harrass and lock admin accounts unnecessarily



    Staff Response: MattRogowski (January 31st, 2010, 10:46 pm)

    Well I think we’d like to hope most people aren’t sad enough to do that. It can easily be unlocked again by the admin, and I believe it logs the IP of whoever locked it out (don’t quote me on that, can’t check right now). We’re not going to not do something like this because some idiotic users may do stuff like that.

    Unfortunately, there ARE people in this world who ARE sad enough to do exactly what is described. Tick off a script kiddie and you’ll quickly find all of those accounts intentionally locked. If the script is hammering the server, you’d get the account unlocked just to have it locked again a few seconds later.

    Recommended approach: Just block the IP address after multiple failed attempts without success. Or use a 5 minute “cool-down” period where further attempts reset the “cool-down” back to 5 minutes. The latter approach allows legitimate users who forgot their password to still (eventually) get in without requiring the administrator to get involved.

    Example: Allowing 3 incorrect attempts and a 5 minute cool-down would allow for, at most, 864 password attempts in a day (compared to virtually unlimited). You could have some threshold like 20 incorrect attempts per day before doing something more drastic (e.g. blocking the IP/locking the account).

  3. A suggested feature to include…

    It would be nice for a poster to be able to ‘edit-control’ responses to their post by allowing them to edit the response while enforcing a link to the original responses. This would provide an elegant way for authors to ‘monitor’ dialogues related to their post while still permitting and registering other responses. This could distribute moderation loads.

    Say I make a post and someone responds with insulting remarks or unrelated information… I would like to be able to ‘replace’ that response and refocus unto the core issue while still having a link to the original response for those interested in exploring it. For example I would be able to insert a summarizing post, a ‘concluding’ post, after a discussion that would link to the discussion for those interested.

    Probably sound more complicated than what I envision. And its probably quite easy to implement and quite powerful for forums dynamics…

    Cheers esteban

  4. @Not a Great Idea – There is a cool down period as well as the ability to unlock the account if the cool down period isn’t over yet from the admins email account.

  5. I have one idea for MyBB 1.6, but let me first say this:
    I have been using MyBB on a few forums (Moderating) and I have to say I love it very much, it is very easy to use, very “Admin Friendly”, and very easy to upgrade, add plugins, and edit themes and templates. I currently have absolutley NO complaints abou MyBB, especially 1.4.x. So I can only assume 1.6.xx will be that much better. For that I have to personally thank the MyBBoard Team for their great efforts to bring a great Bulletin system at no cost.

    With that said, I do think that in MyBB 1.6.xx, there should be an individual post window. Example: In vBulletin 3.4+ when you click on the number of a post, while in a thread, it opens ONLY that post in a seperate browser window, and allows inline moderation on ONLY that post. MyBB needs this as well, mainly because it is very convenient for moderators to open the post in its individual window, and moderate with out all the other posts distracting the moderation.

    That is my 2 Cents, either way, keep up the grea work MyBB Team, you are doing an excellent job! 🙂

  6. You can also just hide your panel by changing the URL of it…

    something like /.adminpanelofmymybbforum/

    ( . for google without touching robots.txt, because if you touch it, people can find your link xD )

  7. I know this will not make it into 1.6, but just something to think about for 2.0. “Group as Moderator” seems like a great idea, what if you had a section for “private threads”, kind of like in esotalk? I don’t know if you are familiar with it but in esotalk you can start a thread only people you designate can see. I just think this would be a cool option like “sub-forums” for friends, or inside jokes, etc.

  8. I know this question is asked multiple times, but i really can’t wait to see the 1.6 release 😦 so when is the release date, is it around this month or later?

  9. I am new to BB software, not forums, and am in the process of reviewing to find one for my site. Does Mybb offer the ability to show the latest post first instead of last, like a blog? I find that since I always want to read what is current, there is not point in making me, or anyone, always open a thread, then navigate to the end. It is just a wasted step.


  10. @Mike There is the ability to jump to the first post via the forum display, there’s a little green arrow to take to to the first unread post, but there’s no ability to order the posts in a thread from newest to oldest; it’d be rather confusing for someone who hasn’t read the thread yet to have to start at the bottom and read upwards, it’s not intuitive.

  11. Damn very, very nice!!!!!!!
    I’m glad that I have convert my forum to Mybb, its simple to use, simple to moderating, and simple to install MOD etc. etc.

    This is the best board you can have and the best community!!!!!!!

    I LOVE MYBB!!!

  12. Two things I would love to see:

    * WYSIWYG editor
    * DNS Blackhole List blocking – The name might be confusing, but it’s a feature in phpBB which checks against known addresses that abuse things like account registrations that are listed on certain anti-spam sites. It helped a lot in preventing spam accounts when I ran phpBB, and is the only big thing I miss while using MyBB.

  13. It’s nice to see MyBB in active development. I like “Delayed Moderation” and “Users Online in Thread” the most.

  14. I really need to get back into MyBB theming! MyBB has grown so much in just a year or two since I left! 🙂

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