MyBB 1.6 Sneak Preview (Part 2)

In the first part of the MyBB 1.6 sneak previews, we shared just four of the 49 brand new features included in MyBB 1.6. Here are some more:

Delayed Moderation

Users Online in Thread

Group as Moderator

Removing/Changing Votes

User Notes for Mods and Admins

More Secure Admin Login

Thanks for reading!

There are even more features that will make your MyBB experience even better. Stay tuned to find out more about MyBB 1.6!

85 thoughts on “MyBB 1.6 Sneak Preview (Part 2)

  1. for [b]User Notes for Mods and Admins[/b], I will definitely change User Notes for Admin only and ignore Moderator πŸ™‚

    finally, the next sneak prev.
    awaiting the 3rd previews πŸ˜†

  2. I just love the ‘more secure admin login’. Will it also send the IP of the possible hacker, so we can see who he is and maybe ban or suspend him? That would be just great.

  3. MyBB 1.6 will be the epiphany of the already-amazing MyBB. All these features just add to the anticipation of the final release. Cannot wait!

  4. This is looking really good – the admin notes plug in from Yumi for 1.4 is one of my faves and I’m delighted to see it included as core in 1.6. That add moderator system looks quite handy too. I’m really looking forward to MyBB 1.6.

  5. @Amy, no that is absolutely not a security issue. Please do your research first.

    Everyone who keeps asking for a release date or suggesting them, please stop. There is no release date (estimated or otherwise) at this time.

  6. I’m really hope for this version. The 1.4 version has few bugs that make me ilfeel. Especially on Quick Reply that sometimes didn’t respect whenever I push the button.

  7. Nice !!! These features are useful.

    I want the Plugin Importing is easier for developer to writting (InstallCode: import settings, templates. Uninstall Code: remove, settings templates…etc)
    The developer still Install&Unintall and check IsInstalled by manual code, this way isn’t safe

  8. Can someone answer me please? Speaking of the β€˜more secure admin login’, will it also send the IP of the possible hacker, so we can see who he/she is and maybe ban or suspend him? That would be just great.

  9. Can’t hackers exploit the “More Secure Admin Login” to lock admin accounts? The other features are great. I can’t wait to see the new theme :D.

    • @Kenshin Hasekura Na, not really. Take a look at the code if you want and you’ll see what I mean.

      And there’s no new theme. Not sure where you read that. It’s coming for 2.0

  10. @Ryan I did my research. Having display names helps protect your username from hackers, who try and log in as you or one of your staff.
    Plus it is a big issue when switching from ipb to mybb which I am thinking about doing. I mean the biggest issue is the fact that when we were first using the converge we now have members with email addresses as their log in name because at first with the converge you had to use email address as the username.

    • @Amy, Obviously, obscurity improves overall security HOWEVER it is only a small impediment for a hacker and you are making it sound like its a security vulnerability. It is not.

  11. I’m starting user of MyBB. Long time I serach for good script and I think MyBB is best for me. It have a friendly user interface, transparent and free. It’s not soo advenced like vBulletin or IPB but better than simple PhpBB or SMF (for me). I wait for 1.6 πŸ˜› Maby in futere MyBB may have competition in Poland of UniBoard (new script, successor of Callisto) πŸ™‚

  12. @Ryan it was not my intention to make it sound like a vulnerability just but does improve overall security. Not only does it help in the security I mentioned but it also helps with openid, facebook connect and twitter log in, which at the moment ipb has. I am still unsure if I want to make the switch.

  13. Well I think we’d like to hope most people aren’t sad enough to do that. It can easily be unlocked again by the admin, and I believe it logs the IP of whoever locked it out (don’t quote me on that, can’t check right now). We’re not going to not do something like this because some idiotic users may do stuff like that.

  14. I’ve only started using MyBB a couple of weeks ago and I am well impressed. Compared to the other forum boards I have tryed out, MyBB is far the best. Looking forward to MyBB 1.6

    My thanks goes to all the developers for making MyBB freely available for us to use. I am totally 100% a fan of MyBB. I say, WOW!

  15. MyBB 1.6 sounds great! All the extra security measures which are being released and all the other features feel like something which should have always been there! πŸ™‚ I will definitely try to make the switchover when it is released. I hope the Afresh series templates will still work though as those were great templates to use…

  16. The MyBB team has continued to raise the bar in free forum software. Many of the additional features of 1.6 are ,imho, needed and overdue.

    I only hope that they continue to improve MyBb through the 1.6 to 2.0 series without bloating it like many of the other softwares have done. (not mentioning any names).

    A fine job done by all involved.

    Just a quick question…when 1.6 is released, could someone please include a readme or forum post with instructions to update plugins and themes to work with the new version? I have many plugins and themes (many of which are custom) on one of my boards that I would hate to part with.

    Sorry for the long comment xD

    • Most plugins should work with MyBB 1.6. Some hooks are different and there were changes in the admin-cp. These changes are very special (they affect only some plugins) so there can’t be instructions for everything.

  17. @Pars: Our current editor fully supports BBcode. Could you please be more specific about the functionalities you are looking for?

  18. In my opinion, the only weakness is the absence of a quite advanced i think u have to do on this to improve your site.

  19. I realy can’t wait until it is realeased πŸ™‚ , it has nearly all features I had looked for in MyBB 1.4.
    But there is still room for improvement πŸ™‚ everytime.

    thats the right way! …. go ahed πŸ™‚

    best regards

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