Mods Site Tour

You’ve been hearing this for months, if not years by now: the new Mods site is coming soon.
That was in fact, always true. However, the person who was working on it had to leave the team last year and left us his work.
Since I offered myself to do the Mods site, I decided to start from scratch and create a plugin instead of a separate website – that would make integration much easier.
I started back in October 2011 and by now the Mods site is almost fully operational – apart from the Plugin Translations feature and a few final touches, everything is done! It has been tested thoroughly by me and the rest of the team and even though it’s not perfect, it does what we wanted to just fine.

Now let’s get to what’s really important: what’s changed? how does it work? what’s new?
The entire Mods site is now based on a single word: collaboration.
You will now be able to have people working on the same project as you, contributing to it, discussing it…in one single place.

Major features:

  • Collaboration
  • Control Panel
  • Builds
  • Bug Tracker
  • Suggestions

When you create a project (no matter what kind of project is – a plugin, graphic, whatever) you will be considered the author of that project.
As the author, you can invite other people to become collaborators of your project and help you with it – being it as a tester, developer or anything else.

Control Panel
The Control Panel is the place where you can view what’s going on over the projects you work on and of course, manage invitations from other users.
Another feature of the Control Panel is the one that lets you create a project (for obvious reasons, this is the most important one).
When you create a project you are required to submit an initial build and that project will be set for “Awaiting Approval” unless you are considered an “Approved Developer”.
An “Approved Developer” is someone we think has gained enough confidence from us to believe that any project created by that person is safe for the end user.

Every project is now built around builds. That is, whenever you want to upload a new change you just submit a new build (a ZIP containing the latest data).
That build is automatically considered “dev” and can be downloaded by anyone. When you think you’ve reached a stable status, you can switch (requires approval) to “stable”.
The latest stable build is the one that appears on the download page – don’t worry, you can browse a list of builds and download any.
Builds may only be submitted by the author and its collaborators.

Bug Tracker
Is there a better way to have a stable project than having a bug tracker built-in with the new system? We thought one would be very important and decided to implement it.
You can decide if it’s private (author only) and if collaborators can access it or not or even give access to certain users who are not direct collaborators.
If you don’t agree with us and don’t like bug trackers or have a bug tracker somewhere else, you can even link to that one if you wish and disable the default one.

The way the bug tracker works is similar to the way Redmine works so if you’re used to work with Redmine you will not find strange to work with this one – but of course, don’t expect it to be thaaaaaat powerful, I only have got two hands!

Receiving feedback from users is very important if you want to create amazing software. Because of that, we decided to implement a Suggestions page in which users can give suggestions for your project.
If you don’t like it, feel free to disable it, it’s all up to you!

Other Features
Besides those major features, the Mods site also contains a few others which make it even better:
* Previews – you can now manage your project preview images in a much better way than before.
* Translations – plugin projects are the only ones who have got translations and can be easily managed by collaborators – only they can submit translations.
* Change Log – whenever you submit a new build, you are required to enter a change log. The change log of the project is the combination of every build’s change log.
* Recommended – we got rid of the project ratings. You can recommend projects but not give any rating.
* Statistics – this page shows you relevant information about the most downloaded projects as well as the most recommended ones.
* Mod CP – Projects and Builds can be easily managed from the Mod CP which speeds up the approval process.
* Whenever an update is awaiting approval, users can still download the latest stable (or any other) build without problems.
* If the project hasn’t been updated for more than 6 months, you will see that information when viewing the project page.
* Support – a new link has been added to the project page which links to the Plugin Support forum on the MyBB Community. However, project authors can change that link to their site’s URL if they wish.
* Optionally, users may enter their PayPal email address which will result in a Donate button being shown on the project page.

We hope you are still excited about it. We are too. We really want to push this live as soon as possible but as you know, we all do this on our free time. One thing is certain though: we want to release this at the same time as MyBB 1.8 (or perhaps sooner!).

Thank you!

MyBB 1.8 Tour: July Update

Since we announced MyBB 1.8 back in April work towards making a public beta has been slow. This time of year is traditionally the busiest for the team members with exams, workloads and personal projects – not to the mention most of us enjoying the summer (or lack of, in some cases!) – often taking over from our usual MyBB duties. Where we were once working on the code every day there has been weeks without anything being done at all. This is, unfortunately, the perils of volunteer work.

We know you’re all just as excited about MyBB 1.8 as we are, and we haven’t told you everything that is changing yet, so we’re stepping it up a gear to put it all together as fast as we can without compromising our new features. We’ve tried setting deadlines (and failing miserably) and I know you’re sick of the usual ready-when-it’s-ready story so all I can say is please bear with us. We’ll be working hard to bring you this feature update and that starts with our move to GitHub.

Git Migration

Part of the fallout from when was partly taken over was to have an overview look at how we do things behind the scenes to see if we could improve our services. This understandably has a knock-on effect on our development; we decided it was best to drop SVN and move to GitHub ahead of the 1.8 schedule. MyBB 1.6 development also happens over there too.

We’ve briefly hidden the 1.6 repository so that our team can get used to this new service and for us to sort out some new standards for developers and contributors to follow. This is a pretty big change not only for users but for our team as well so we need to take some time to get used to it too.

That being said, we haven’t quite got rid of everything. We will still be using the development site – powered by Redmine – as the central place to report bugs and issues with MyBB and the Merge System. It is up and running but we are having a few problems syncing the repository on GitHub and our local copy here. We hope to have this – and the GitHub project – up and running soon.

Consistency in 1.8

A general trait that has been hanging over 1.8 during planning and early development is consistency; making sure everything we do looks and feels the same as though it is from the same product, system and service. Everything from to the install process on your own forums will be getting a makeover to the new upgraded style giving MyBB in general a clean modern look. We’ve replaced the popular FamFamFam icons with the equally popular Fugue icon set to give 1.8’s UX (user experience) a fresh appeal – meaning 1.8 uses CSS buttons and carries PNG icons instead of GIFs. We’re looking into providing sprite images too for the ever-conscious large forum owner as well as providing theme artists a new opportunity with this style of coding.

1.8 Installer and Postbit

1.8 Installer and Postbit

Alongside the jQuery update and base colours, 1.8 themes are sure to be some of the best in the series.

Full Feature Update

So, as you might have thought by now, MyBB 1.8 is going to be a bigger update than most people imagined. While not 2.0-esque, it will certainly provide a full feature update that will require careful planning and action. And, to settle the nerves of the plugin developers, there will be no major updates to the plugin system – meaning for the majority only the compatibility section of your plugins will need updated for them work in 1.8.

By providing an update like this we hope to extend the life of the 1.x series while also providing the tools and processes for developers to create even more amazing themes and plugins. It also gives us, as a team, a chance to rebalance our own structure to provide a better product for you all to enjoy.

We’ll be back soon

As most of you who will be reading this are aware, three days ago (beginning the 31st of May) the domain (along with our other domains) were hijacked by a group of hackers (we’re not going to identify them by name but they have been very vocal in claiming responsibility so you should have no problem finding them if you’re so inclined). They also tried to access our server and many other services we use.

At this stage we have access to all our systems back and are in the process of restoring services, however we’re pleased to say that we are also taking this opportunity to retool components of our website and upgrade our server infrastructure.

This blog post will probably be the first of many, but we’ll endeavor to keep you updated as much as possible regarding progress. At this stage we don’t expect all services to be online for at least a week while the new servers are configured and we prepare new components of our website, however this blog is obviously already online and the MyBB home page will be up very soon too.

The story to date

There are still a few missing pieces, but at this stage we have a pretty clear understanding of what happened. Contrary to what has been posted elsewhere, we do not believe social engineering was the culprit, although the hackers did try unsuccessfully to gain access to several of our accounts via this method.

The main incident that lead to the breach was a compromise of Chris’ personal Apple ID (iCloud, etc) account. From there, the hackers were able to reset passwords to our hosting and domain accounts. It’s still not clear how they got access to this account, however they also had numerous personal details about Chris, including contact details and knowledge of at least the last four numbers of his primary credit card.

Fortunately SoftLayer (our host) called Chris when his password was reset which alerted us to the situation unfolding and all public access to the server was shut off soon thereafter. As far we can tell they were not able to log into our server and do not have copies of our databases. We have been very pleased by the response we received from SoftLayer and without their vigilance the situation could have been far worse.

While Chris was trying to reset his passwords to NameCheap (our Domain Registrar at the time) and Apple ID accounts, the hackers even went as far as to remote wipe his iPhone via iCloud to prevent him from having 3G access. Unfortunately they successfully took control of Chris’s NameCheap account and redirected the domain to their defacement page, later we discovered they even tried to transfer the domain.

Unfortunately we did not get the expedited response from NameCheap that we would have hoped for given the severity of the situation, and it was about six hours before we got access to our account back. As a result we have already transferred to another domain registrar with better controls around account security.

Since then we have been planning the recovery effort, including taking the opportunity to improve our infrastructure.  We will be moving to a new server setup, but given our security scare a few months ago we are also auditing the site software we use and only moving what we know is clean to the new server. More details on changes to the site are detailed further down this article.

With regard to why we were targeted, frankly we are baffled by the logic. The group identified MyBB as being targeted because one of our user’s runs an online forum dedicated to hacking. By this same analogy, if someone purchases a car and then uses it to run someone down or damage another’s property, then the manufacturer of the car should be responsible, which is obviously corrupted logic.

The group totes freedom as their cause but by attacking an Open Source project they are undermining freedom in every sense of the word. Anyone is free to download and use our software, no matter if you’re rich or poor, a nurse or a hacker, and the fact they targeted us for this is an utter contradiction of their reasoning.

As many MyBB users will know, we don’t even offer support on our community forums to hacking sites, and there are no exceptions. We can only conclude that attention and notoriety are their true motivations, and that their sense of ethics is a disgrace to the online community. We sincerely hope the perpetrators are brought to justice.

What we’re doing

First and foremost we have adopted two factor authentication wherever possible. As mentioned above, the domain names have already been transferred to a registrar offering two factor authentication, among other security features. We’ll also be adopting two factor authentication on our new servers, and to various internal services. The new servers should improve performance of our website, and CloudFlare has also been setup.

As you might have also noticed, this blog has already been moved from being a locally hosted WordPress installation to being hosted on, which should ensure it is accessible even when our servers are down. We are hoping to make a similar change to the wiki before services are fully restored and as previously announced, development will be moving to GitHub with 1.8. Our goal with moving services offsite is to improve availability, improve maintainability, reduce load on our servers and improve security.

Finally,  although our website infrastructure did not contribute to the intrusion, we are reviewing the security of all our services prior to moving them to our new server to ensure our systems are as secure as they could be.

We thank everyone for their continued patience and support over this difficult time and hope to have everything back online soon.


Chris, Tim, and the rest of the MyBB Team

MyBB 1.8 Tour: Introduction

On April 1st we announced a 1.6.7 Update which updated both MyBB and the Merge System. If you haven’t seen this or not upgraded yet please make sure you read the MyBB and Merge System 1.6.7 Release blog post. We also announced our plans for MyBB 1.8; it was no April Fool.

Back in 2010, just under 2 years ago, we released MyBB 1.6 which introduced over 40 new features – some more at home in commercial software. As MyBB’s popularity continues to grow, the rise of social networks, rival software and the greater expectations of users old and new gives us some of the hardest challenges we’ve faced; to stay on top, to deliver a brilliant product and provide it to you for free.

With our development roadmap for MyBB 2.0 getting underway soon, we quickly felt the need to bridge the large gap that would have been 1.6 to 2.0. We wanted to create something that would provide a legacy to users of the 1.x series – the best of the best – and there was only one way we could get that to our users; MyBB 1.8.

What You Can Expect From 1.8

Whereas 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6 delivered over 100 new features 1.8 aims to be more of a subtle upgrade, a facelift and a move to more open source development so that others too can help create the best free forum software. We’ll of course be providing the usual bug fixes and working with large forum owners to see if we can help further improve performance and stability. MyBB 1.8 is a perfect chance for us to provide changes that we couldn’t typically do within our maintenance cycles.

A New Look

When we announced our new logo and mascot, Bolt, the Team soon realised that we didn’t want to wait until 2.0 was released to use them. The 1.6 default theme made these look out of place in its dated design (which was last updated in 2008) so we needed something more up to date. Justin, our lead designer, who created the Apart theme series (from which many MyBB communities either use or have customised the look for themselves) has worked on developing the series for the new 1.8 default theme. We worked together to figure out a method for enabling the Apart colours to be included by default but without the need for including 14 separate themes before the administrator even opened their forum. This method is what we call attachable base colours.

The new default theme for MyBB 1.8

These changes to the theme system allow you to create colours to which you can attach stylesheets (just like you can attach stylesheets to pages). You can also set a display order for all your stylesheets so that they can override styles. Together, the changes mean you can add a theme with as many custom colours as you want. Using the parent/child theme structure that already exists in 1.x you can restrict or allow certain usergroups to use these colours and, as they inherit the main stylesheets, they’re very easy to manage. So, there is no longer the need to install a dozen different themes just for a different colour header.

A New Look Admin Control Panel (ACP)

Along with the new default theme there needs to be a new look Admin Control Panel (ACP). Our ACP is regarded as one of the easiest to use; it’s friendly and we didn’t want to change it much. Instead, we gave it a similar Apart makeover to our front-end.

Screenshot of the MyBB 1.8 ACP

Please note that along with the default theme the look may change as development continues.

Powered by jQuery

While 1.8 won’t be able to make your cocoa or project your forum’s logo onto the moon, much to our disappointment, we really weren’t pulling a prank on this one; MyBB 1.8 will be powered by jQuery. The lighter and more powerful JavaScript library should be able to extend what both Theme Artists and Plugin Developers are able to do without causing conflicts or heavy loading pages. Both front-end and back-end will use the library. This change is probably the most destructive for themes and plugins in the 1.8 upgrade and we’ll be providing support throughout its beta period ready for a main release. In total, including the changes to the default theme, about 20 templates require updating from 1.6.

Along with jQuery comes a change in post editor. Although I’ve had my eye on an ‘off the shelf’ editor for quite some time we’ve yet to make a decision on whether we write our own or not; we’ll be covering that in a future tour. However, please don’t suggest which editor to use as our aim is to make it interchangeable so you can use your favourite one.

Trash Can

One of the most requested features for MyBB is a trash can – or as I prefer, the ability to recover deleted posts. In 1.8, you’ll be able to decide if a user’s deleted post is obliterated forever or is recoverable via the Mod CP. Global and usergroup permissions will allow this to be controlled across your users.

Spam Improvements

For those of you waiting for Spam Ninja I’m very sorry to disappoint as I did promise it to you last year. As soon as 1.8 was decided, I stopped developing it as a plugin and started integrating relevant parts into the core instead. We’ll be looking to improve spam prevention and detection in 1.8 which we’ll cover in a future tour.

Upgrading to 1.8

Upgrading to 1.8 will be similar to upgrading from 1.4 to 1.6; many plugins will only need to change their compatibility line and will only need some major changes if they use Prototype JavaScript, use login functions or make large theme changes. Throughout the beta period, we’ll be upgrading the Wiki with new information and providing support to plugin developers to help them with their new plugins.


The Team has been trying to plan a move away from our current SVN setup to the popular social coding site Github for some time. We’ve come up against problems but feel confident that now is the time to open up our development to people outside of the MyBB Team. Github can be an extremely powerful tool for development and it is something we’re eager to do – we have been working on 1.8 in secret in one of our repositories there which will be made available after our first beta release.

We’ve gone outside of our usual box with 1.8 in that we’re actually telling you what we’re doing and what we’re planning even though none of this is public. We’re aiming to provide a beta of 1.8 in May so please be patient while we’re polishing our development and removing all the takeaways and soft drink cans.


With MyBB 1.8, our aim is to fully complete the series with features and improvements that make us a better rival not only to our free forum software friends but also to commercial community software too. We want to make it more friendly, faster and go further than any of our products have been before. Everyone here at MyBB is looking forward to 1.8 and hope you are too!

See you at the next tour!


Plugin Exploits (Being reported as MyBB 1.6.5 Exploits)

Hello everyone,

We’d like to inform you that two security holes were found in two plugins which are very common on multiple MyBB forums out there. The affected plugins are the following:

[ SEO ] Simple Tag Cloud Plugin (Tags) by Watt
FBConnect (not available on our Mods site) by Nayar

The first was unapproved and a PM was sent to the plugin author and until the author fixes the issue it will remain unapproved on the Mods site.
The second has been updated already and the issue has been fixed. If you’re looking for the fixed version, it is available on the author’s website as well as on the MyBB community forums here.

We strongly advise you to remove the first plugin entirely from your forum and either remove the second one or install the fixed version.
We also recommend you to do the necessary searching for any data that may have been compromised.

On a side note, numerous “exploiting scripts” have been spreading throughout the internet which refer to these two vulnerabilities as if they were vulnerabilities in MyBB itself and that is not true.

Thank you,
MyBB Team

1.6.4 Security Vulnerability

When 1.6.4 was announced almost 3 months ago it was one of the biggest updates MyBB has ever released. It fixed over 100 issues and brought performance improvements for MyBB forums – large or small – across the world. It was also popular for people who were new to MyBB – starting their project for the first time.

Unfortunately, the 1.6.4 release files were contaminated by code that was not meant to be there and could open a security vulnerability on your forum. It only affects those that are running 1.6.4.

We advise that you fix the problem as soon as you can. You can do so by following these instructions:

  • Download the latest release of MyBB.
  • Replace ./index.php (in the root folder of your forum) with the one in the download (./Upload/index.php).
  • Remove the ./install/ folder


  • Download and follow the 1.6.4 Patch Instructions
  • If you are unable to find the affected areas, this issue does not affect you. Otherwise, remove the ./install/ folder.

If you have any problems, please report them in the General Support Forum on the Community. If you have renamed ‘index.php’, for example if you’re using the portal as your homepage, please remember to update the correct file accordingly.

We discovered the extent of this problem earlier today but with the release of MyBB 1.6.5 still being a few weeks away, forums need to be patched to protect against any vulnerabilities. We’re still investigating how our release became contaminated and if we find anything else in the mean time, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Reporting MyBB security vulnerabilities

If you think you’ve found a vulnerability in MyBB, we advise you not to publicly post it on these forums or publicly release information about it elsewhere until we’ve had time to prepare and release a patch.

As always, you can send through security related messages on the MyBB website from the Contact Us page.

Thank you,
MyBB Team

MyBB 1.4 end of life announcement.

MyBB 1.4 end of life

MyBB 1.6 was released almost 8 months ago and since then has proven to be stable and secure. Therefore we will be concluding maintenance and support for the MyBB 1.4 series, and we encourage everyone who has not already done so to upgrade to MyBB 1.6 as soon as possible.

The end of life date for MyBB 1.4 will be the 1st of July, 2011.

After this date:

  • We will not be offering official support for MyBB 1.4
  • There will be no further maintenance or security releases for the 1.4 series
  • The 1.4 support forums will be closed and archived

If you require information on how to upgrade please consult our upgrade instructions, if you need further support please visit the support forums.

Official IRC Channel

The MyBB Group has had an IRC channel for several years hosted on but it hasn’t been widely publicized for a long time and is only regularly used by a small number of people. Today we’re announcing something of a relaunch for the official MyBB IRC channel and with it our move to the Freenode network.

One of the main reasons for the move has to do with the fact that MyBB is now an open-source project. Freenode is a huge hub of open-source software groups and many well know projects maintain a presence there. By moving our channel onto the Freenode network we hope to add a new arm to our existing community whilst expanding our reach further into the wider open-source community. Also, since Freenode is quite a popular IRC network it’s possible the IRC users amongst you may already have an account registered there.

MyBB staff will be around some of the time but this is not an official support resource. Official support will remain to be solely available on the MyBB Community Forums. The IRC channel is intended as more of an informal place for users to come along and engage with other members of the community, although common sense rules will apply.

If you feel like coming along and joining us, you can do so by connecting your IRC client of choice to and joining #mybb. Alternatively a web-chat interface is available at

Happy chatting.

All things MyBB

We’ve been reasonably quiet between the release of MyBB 1.4.4 and 1.4.5, but that doesn’t mean that nothing has been going on behind the scenes. This blog post aims to outline some of what has been going on at MyBB during the last couple of months.

Over the past few weeks you may have noticed a few changes with our current staff, whether it was removal of staff or a change of position. Some changes may not even be noticeable by you but I’ll outline them all anyway.

  • Chris Boulton
    Due to time restraints placed on Chris by work, Chris was finding it difficult to find a balance between work and play whilst including MyBB and therefore has shifted some of the lower priority, day-to-date responsibilities of product management to Dennis Tsang. To be clear, Chris will still be involved in the MyBB project and will be overseeing the project from an executive aspect.
  • Dennis Tsang
    Dennis will be taking on more of the the day-to-day operations and administrative tasks that Chris Boulton used to do.
  • destroyer (Kevin Camps)
    Kevin will take on some content management duties, this includes the MyBB website, MyBB Wiki, etc. Kevin will also be partly responsible for approving themes, plugins and resources to the Mods section of the MyBB site and help out coordinating the translations with Tochjo.
  • Ryan Loos
    Ryan has made the move from a Support Team member to a Public Relations Liaison. With this new title, Ryan will be responsible for resolving community issues, updating the blog, making Twitter updates from the MyBB Twitter account, seeking new talent to take up positions on the team, in future betas and in the Mentor group and educating other communities on MyBB if their views are a little off.
  • Justin S.
    Justin is now in the developers’ group although he will still maintain the Wiki and continue his design work. He was always a design developer on the team, so the title change just reflects his correct role, although he will be performing all of the same duties as he did before.
  • Tomm M
    Tom’s moved into a developer’s position from his old role as a Support Team member. He’s shown a good understanding of how MyBB’s insides work during his time on the team and has already taken on a good portion of development for MyBB 1.6.
  • Max Marze
    Max too has become a developer and will be working towards getting the new version of the MyBB Merge System out. Specifically, he will help by writing unit testing scripts to ensure that the Merge System, when released in the future, will not have as many problems as in previous releases.
  • MattRogowski
    Matt, though still a part of the Support Team, will also be partly responsible for approving themes, plugins and resources to the Mods section of the MyBB site.
  • sayakb
    Sayak has offered to come on board as an SQA Team member. He’s shown a strong knowledge of MyBB by developing plugins, which can be found at the KDE forums, and testing new MyBB releases for compatibility with the KDE forums.
  • LegosJedi
    We’re saying goodbye to LegosJedi who has left us due to time constraints. We wish LegosJedi best of luck on his future endeavors.
  • Tom Loveric
    Tom has also decided to head his own direction with a custom CMS he is building. We wish him the best of luck in his future and with his CMS.

Recruiting New Support Staff

We’re always looking out for new potential. If you want to be on the MyBB Team, you just have to show:

  • You are dedicated and active to the project
  • You speak English very well and have good communication skills
  • You have good knowledge of how MyBB works and in the position you want to take up

If you don’t feel like we’re noticing you it’s probably just because we’re too busy making the next version of MyBB! So just send us an email via our contact form with “Available Team Member Position” as the subject. Include your forum username. Remember though, your chances are considerably increased if you stand out with the three suggestions listed above.

SQA Team Updates

You might have also noticed the creation of the SQA Team (Software Quality Assurance) right after the release of 1.4.4 due to the amount of problems that were reported after its release. SQA has been able to confirm 95% of fixes are working and don’t cause any regressions that are written by our developers and put into our code base. Among those that they confirmed, SQA was able to find and report dozens of regressions over the course of the entire MyBB 1.4.5 development in over 100 bugs, optimizations, and tweaks. As such, SQA has been a huge success for the MyBB Group and in turn creates much more stable releases for you. We are continuing to perfect the new SQA Team and implement processes that will eliminate preventable issues from the get-go.

Team Interviews

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the MyBB Group or a particular staff member, now is the chance!  We’ve started a thread where you can post questions for staff members to answer at a later date in a blog post. If you have any questions for specific staff members or groups of staff then head over to the thread and post your questions!

Open MyBB Team Positions

Greetings all,

We currently have a few open positions on the MyBB Team for support and development roles. If you’re interested in becoming a part of one of the most powerful, free forum applications available today, we’re interested in hearing from you.

Current vacancies are as follows:

  • Development Team Positions
    We’re looking for people with a strong background in web development with PHP and MySQL as well as a solid understanding of how MyBB operates in both code and functionality to become an active particpiant in our development team, preferably having released MyBB plugins or modifications at some stage. Knowledge of other database management systems such as PostgreSQL and SQLite is also highly favourable. You must be able to work well with a team and work under project management.

    Your primary position will be working with myself and the other developers to bring new releases of MyBB out.

  • Support Team Positions
    We’re looking for people who are dedicated to MyBB and have a solid understanding of the functionality of MyBB and have experience in managing a forum themself, an understanding of PHP and MySQL is not required however may be beneficial. You must be able to work well with other team members. You must be able to communicate clearly and correct in English.

    All we ask of you is that you’re an active participant in both supporting other users with MyBB and can do so in a professional manner.

Please note that all positions are on a volunteer basis, you’re under no obligation to stay with the MyBB Group if you have other commitments that need attending.


All applications and requests can be submitted through the following form on the MyBB website:

Please include the position you’re applying for, background information on yourself, information on your knowledge of MyBB, PHP & MySQL experience if necessary and any other information you wish to include.

If you don’t receive a reply, no – we haven’t forgotten about you, it’s just that there are usually too many applications to individually reply to each one. Private messages containing applications/team position queries will be ignored.

Note that existing and active community members will be given preferential treatment for these positions due to their existing dedication to the MyBB project.

Thank you,
MyBB Group